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South Wales Wedding Blog.

Here you’ll find South Wales wedding photography highlight blogs from recent weddings I’ve documented and captured. There’s also engagement photo session blogs, helpful wedding planning blogs and lots of useful information – The support and guides you really need to ahead of your big day!

 I share almost all weddings I photograph on my blog. I want to show you how I approach and photograph weddings through the day. Giving you a perfect idea of how your day will look through your gallery at your potential wedding venue. Welcome to take inspiration from the weddings too!

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Unplugged wedding at your wedding

Why you should consider having an un-plugged wedding

Having photographed many weddings already over the last few years including several un-plugged wedding. I was once asked by a wedding guest, who may I add, firmly grasping her iPad with the camera app open asked "Can I stand infront of you to take a photo quickly with my iPad?". Did that not entirely defeat the object of why i'm here I thought. Nowadays it's such a common sight at a wedding. Tablets and phones sticking out of the ensemble of either isle of the ceremony room, all competing for a blurry, back of the head image that will never


Pre-wedding photoshoot of Cerian & Dan in Woodland, near Cardiff

  About the photoshoot   There's something quite magical about the forest, the mystery and scale of the trees as they tower into the skies, the untouched and amazing landscape that surrounds us. Cerian mentioned that she would love somewhere that showed how small we as humans stood against the world and so after many a late afternoons stroll around local suitable locations to match the brief I came back to a woodland that I explored as a youth. Of course it was, the perfect location for the pre-wedding photo shoot of Cerian & Dan ahead of their wedding next month at Canada Lodge & Lake.   Both Cerian and

10 rules to perhaps share with your wedding guests

To ensure your wedding guests are well behaved and know exactly what side of the line to stay on there is a top 10 for you to perhaps share with them to ensure all guests walk way with a good guest sticker!     1. Wedding guests RSVP - be there or else. You’ll notice on your wedding invitation there’s a date for RSVPs to be in by. That deadline is there for a reason, so please make sure you get back to us by then. The seating plan is hard enough to sort without all of the RSVP's.     2. Did we invite your children? Might

Questions to ask your wedding venue

How to seat your guests at your wedding

Figuring out where your guests at your wedding are going to sit is one of the biggest parts of your planning, get it wrong and you have some unhappy guests, get it right and you have barrels of laughter and a happy guest list! Would Uncle John be happy next to little Hollie? Here is a few suggestions to consider when planning your seating arrangements

Wedding best mans speech how to

How to give a perfect best man speech

Jitters, butterflies what about panicking? Does this sound like the feelings you're experiencing while you think and prepare for your best man speech? Don't panic, it will be all good, whatever you do don't panic! Here's a step by step guide on planning and writing your perfect toast to the newly crowned married couple

Wedding planning ideas for lawn games

10 fun wedding ideas for your guests

So you are currently working through your list of wedding planning ideas and are almost coming to the bottom of that list with nothing booked, here is a top 10 list of fun wedding ideas and exciting suggestions to keep your guests happy and be sure for them to remember your big day, for the time they laughed so hard and enjoyed it a little more than previously anticipated