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Glewstone Court, Herefordshire | Holly & Matthew

glewstone court wedding, bride and groom walking over lawn

Glewstone Court, Herefordshire | Holly & Matthew

Set in the heart of the Wye Valley, an area of outstanding natural beauty, Holly & Matt’s wedding was equal to the surroundings they found themselves in from start to finish. Read on to see why…



Wye Valley wedding


Sometimes, a particular wedding has a lasting impression months after the gallery has been completed; That’s what’s happened with Holly & Matt’s wedding photography at Glewstone Court in the Wye Valley in June. I’m glad I can finally blog this gallery to share some of my favourite moments from their wedding.


Preparations were at Holly’s parent’s home along side her bridesmaids in the morning, it was great to see all the images of Holly growing up including the large collage of moments in her room where her dress draped over the wardrobe. There was a beautiful moment when her dad saw her for the first time in her wedding dress in the garden a place where he spends a lot of time. It’s these moments that define everything that I do as a wedding photographer.





“We are overjoyed with the quality of our photos, not only were we able to relive our day but also see moments of the day we missed. We had the best day of our lives, it was everything we could have ever dreamed for. Thank you so much for being part of it.” – Holly & Matt





The church ceremony a short dash around the corner at St Denys where Matt the groom patiently awaited the bride’s arrival. There was also a beautiful performance by the choir and musicians, Unity Strings. With vows and rings exchanged, the obligatory first kiss, it was onto the tight exit where guests lined either side of the path, poised with confetti!



Glewstone Court photographers


The venue set for the arrival with canapés and drinks ready, basked in the glorious summer warm weather. The couple arrived, a loud cheer upon their wedding car arriving at the front of Glewstone Court. The vibe for the reception was to just enjoy the good weather, great company and stunning view of the grounds. It really is a beautiful venue to sit and relax and have time to take in the celebrations.


One of the highlights of the day was the evening entertainment, Dhol drummers didn’t disappoint. It’s the first time hearing them and I now highly recommend the performers to anyone wanting to have a party atmosphere to see in the night of dancing and fun. I literally couldn’t move on that dance floor, barely being able to squeeze past people to get alternative angles, that’s how a dance floor should always be – They’ve set the bar high. This was a perfect way to end part 1 of my season with a holiday to Santorini the next day, I was on such a high!



Here’s their highlights from their Glewstone Court wedding photography

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