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How I approach a wedding



Your wedding is unique, it’s personal and there won’t be another time like it again in your life. That’s why I dedicate myself to you, the couple getting married. I limit the amount of weddings I do per year to be able to devote my time to you.


We can stay in touch through the whole process as you plan the best day of your lives! That’s why I approach each wedding and each part of your wedding slightly differently. To make sure you get the best and most enjoyable experience from your wedding photographer.

The planning stage & the build-up to your wedding.

The organising, the crafting and excitement is all what makes the wedding planning so fun! So that’s why I’m there, not just as a photographer but as someone who can help and support you where you may need it to ensure you have the most fun and best celebrations on your wedding day, without the stress!


I’ve also written a very helpful and useful guide on what to do now you’re engaged, you should bookmark it as your new go-to!

The group photos & ‘official’ wedding portraits… No posing necessary.

It’s all about the celebration on a wedding day… But it’s always nice to fully document your family, guests and friends. No one likes posing but to appease parents it’s nice to capture a few group photos on your wedding day without feeling like you’re forcing a smile. That’s why I limit group photos to a short time, a small handful is enough of your family and that’s it! I like to capture the rest of your guests in my natural candid style throughout the day when everyone is looking their best and in great spirits… Less time posing and certainly more time drinking and celebrating!


Portraits aren’t about holding each other like this or duplicating an image like that. It’s about you, your feelings and your emotion on your wedding day. Taking up to 30 minutes, your portraits will be natural, relaxed and an opportunity for you to stroll to a quiet spot where you’ll have full reign to be yourselves and get excited together, it’s about documenting just those moments.

Ordering your album and receiving your images after your wedding.

Following your wedding, I will review, assess, edit and deliver in hi-resolution your stunning memories for you to relive over a year, 5 years or 15 years! However often you prefer to look over your wedding day again.


Your album is your story, the one you re-tell while clasping onto a warm tea. Once you’ve received your gallery, I’ll carefully select your highlight moments to arrange into a fine art linen album, perfectly framing and telling your love story with your vision in mind. There’ll be a chance to input your image preferences and fully approve the album ahead of its hand made design and printing. Ready for you to hold and cherish for good!

Please get in touch, I would love to capture the moments at your wedding and begin to document your story. I’d love to hear of  your plans for your wedding including sharing your Pinterest board, let’s see what you’ve pinned!

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Meet your creative and documentary wedding photographer!

Photography has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a South Wales wedding photographer I love the affection, emotional connection, endless happiness and the love radiating from an image placed in a lasting album, and there’s nothing more I enjoy photographing…


Looking back over old photos of family & friends, there’s nothing like it, the joy, laughter and emotions all documented to stand the test of time. Not realising until it was too late but photography runs through the generations of our family I guess that’s where it all began, receiving my first small camera at a young age, running around the garden snapping away, I guess the rest is history!

Incorrectly pronounced since 1989 – (Lew•is  Fac•rell)

A few fun facts about me – I am a twin – yes we say the same things, look very similar and we were always dressed in the same clothes. I also have an awesome younger brother and little sister who is massively into drawing and gymnastics. I drink far too much tea… the milky sort, unfortunately.


If I am not photographing a wedding or a couple you will most probably find me on my bike around South Wales eventually aiming to complete a triathlon! Otherwise I’ll be at the coast where I embrace the scenery in all types of weather, night & day, and I am obsessed with finding continuity errors in movies… with my background in film & TV it’s hard to resist. Did I mention I am that much of a Star Wars fan I was privileged enough to be part of it as a Snow Trooper!

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