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Photography Prices & Packages

How much does it cost?

Photography Prices


Lots of wedding photography prices & packages to look over, it’s a lot to take in and isn’t it over whelming?!


Each photographer is unique and are not easily comparable. You want simplicity, incredible and consistent lasting photos, someone who is well received with your suppliers and your guests and who’s always there with an expert hand… Look no further!

All packages include as standard:

Late night coverage


No time limits on your wedding day with the all day package meaning I’ll stay well into the night past the first dance and definitely not leaving right after the first dance, because no moment should be compromised.

Signed, Sealed and Digital


Everything is done online in your swanky online portal – Your hub for everything! Your contracts and invoices are simplified, you can review your album design and gain access to your gallery there too; You can also update your details easily and check in on what you have left to pay too at any time. Simple and stress free.

Are you available?

Your full gallery available online


View, share and download ALL of your images in the highest resolution on your online gallery at anytime, anywhere, for you and your guests (all images included). Your gallery is protected and kept safe for good. As I believe prints are important, you’ll get a coupon to spend within the gallery on prints, framed images, including albums too.

Do you travel to our venue?


Travel included for weddings in Cotswolds, Gloucester, Wiltshire & South Wales.

Catch-up with a brew


Let’s initially video-call and talk about you and the planning of your wedding; We can then arrange to meet in person in due course! Here to support and answer any questions at any time. 

Monthly Payments, Sure!


The initial booking fee payment is £300 (included within prices). After that, you choose how you prefer to pay. Online payment plans are available to spread the cost for you at any time.

Portfolio Gallery

All-Day Package


– Lewis Fackrell Photographing your entire day.

– No fixed start & finish times

– Late-night coverage up to 2 hours after the first dance.

– 500-700 images included in your online gallery.

– Handful of previews within 48 hours

– Highlights slideshow in 4K

– Complete privacy and professionalism.

– Option to order Album Book at any time.

– Great vibes!

– More info available on request.



Album+ Package


– Lewis Fackrell Photographing your entire day.

– No fixed start & finish times

– Late-night coverage up to 2 hours after the first dance.

– 500-700 images included in your online gallery.

– Handful of previews within 48 hours.

– Highlights slideshow in 4K.

– Complete privacy and professionalism.

– 10×10″, 40-page Deluxe Album Book.

– Great vibes!

– Plus more package features!

– More info available on request.



Gallery hub for couples

Digital Gallery.


A smart way to display and share your wedding images online. You can browse and relive your day anywhere at any time. You can easily share the access with friends and family too, they’ll be waiting to relive the day too – Included in all photography prices and packages!


You can be sure of a minimum of 500 wedding photography images, including a 4k slideshow of your highlights, coverage from preparations to beyond the first dance and certainly after the first band’s set! For peace of mind, your images will be backed up and safely stored for good too.

Fine Art Album.


The Fine Art Album is the perfect way to present your images. To have your wedding gallery printed and published into your own storybook is wonderful, to share with family and friends as they visit. Moments should be printed, on walls and in a luxury album for you to treasure. The Fine Art Album will last the test of time as a family heirloom, passed down in turn through generations.


The album will feature between 100 -150 images (more if you wish) presented over 40 museum-quality paper pages within the album, covered by a hardback & pastel coloured linen cover. Parent-sized albums and smaller albums are also offered too for family and friends.

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Destination wedding photography in Italy

Something different.


A destination wedding is a special opportunity to have a wedding like no other. The weather, shorts, sunglasses and incredible backdrops are all invited! But don’t forget about me, I travel too, I absolutely love travelling with couples for their wedding photography abroad!


Perhaps you were looking for something a little different from the set packages? Sure, we can chat about that, let’s talk about your vision for your wedding, I’m more than happy to work with you to deliver your dream package! I even offer an elopement-style day package if that suits you better.

Wedding Photography


Sugar loaf barn wedding photography in South Wales of bride and groom laughing-1

Do you do videography?

Yes! We can provide wedding videography in Cardiff and South Wales for your wedding alongside your photography packages. These are the highly popular highlights packages that capture all the best of your wedding in an engaging and energetic film. You can add this onto your photography package when booking.

When do we pay you?

A booking fee of £300 lets us know you’re serious and then we can book your wedding day in our diaries. This is included within the package total.


You can pay how you like, there’s plenty of options to pay such as a little bit off each month, Or random lump payments, how you pay is totally up to you.


I ask couples to pay the balance one month before the wedding which is standard in the industry. If you’d like an alternative option, I’m flexible — if you want to pay on the day, or just after the wedding, that’s ok too. Everything is done online hassle free and no cash or cheques are accepted.

How do we book you?

First, you need to check if I am available on your date. You can do this online. I highly suggest you arrange a videocall, if I’m available for your date – So that we can chat about your vision for the day, get to know each other a little and drink some tea, coffee or alcohol too!


Should you wish to book, I will then get the ball rolling to secure me for your wedding which is done all online. A booking fee is then required to secure me for your day. It’s super simple and I promise of no intimidating sales pitches or paperwork.

Are there travel costs?

Travel is included with most options. Travel covers weddings throughout Gloucester, Cotswolds, Wiltshire and South Wales; Any additional costs for accommodation will be clearly outlined.

Are you insured?

Yes! I am fully insured including liability and indemnity insurances. I also carry 2 cameras, back up memory cards, batteries and I always also have other provisions in place leaving you with peace of mind knowing you’re in safe hands. You can also read the reviews that past couples have left for me.


No wedding supplier should work without any form on insurance and it’s very important to check with each supplier ahead of your wedding day that they each have theirs – Ask to see it to feel more at ease.

What are your photography packages?

Knowing just how daunting the whole process of picking a wedding photographer can be. Keeping things as simple as possible it leaves you with less decisions to make. All three photography prices & packages include those things that we know will make it the best wedding photography experience but it’s not about the price. Your images are included within the package, meaning you can download and share them as you wish (no extra costs).


Wedding photography is a service meaning you can’t easily compare between photographers, therefore you should always look at the packages and quality of work from full galleries (not just the best bits) and not just price too, understand why here – Why wedding photographers charge what they do.


Get in touch to request further information. Let’s arrange a videocall! But so that you have an idea, coverage for all day ranges between £1890-£2790

Can guests take photos too?

I have no problem with guests taking photos — they want to capture their own memories. But paparazzi wedding guests can have a negative impact, particularly during the ceremony if they step into the aisle and film with iPads, we’ve all seen those videos and pictures. That being said, I am very friendly and more than happy for them to snap away. I will give guests an opportunity to photograph after I’ve captured the official images of yourselves.

How many photos do we get?

Full day coverage allows me to document your wedding from the first thing to late night beyond your first dance. You can be certain of receiving over 500 individually edited images that will encapsulate and tell the whole story of your wedding day throughout.


It’s always better to have quality well balanced selection and not aim for a number of images. Realistically speaking, it all depends on your guest numbers and how active your wedding is too so that means if there’s more laughter, more dancing and general good vibes you’re likely to get a more rounded gallery. A gallery can easily be inflated by duplicating similar photos which you’d find repetitive, it’s my job to present a fantastic flowing gallery.


Note: Gallery image count can easily be inflated by way of duplicating identical images, over delivering of one specific moment, and B&W / Colour options. Please be mindful of this during your search.

Will you photograph abroad?

I adore to travel, sightsee and spend time in beautiful & amazing places… Because having the opportunity to take a familiar face with you to document your wedding is one less bit of stress for you to carry. Have a read over the destination wedding photographers page if you’re getting married in Italy, Greece, or anywhere in the world! Please get in touch to check my wedding photography availability. I can also now speak basic Italian too! 


The package costs are all the same, the additional cost would be for flights and accommodation, of course. No inflated prices needed.

Who owns the copyright?

Simply put it stays with me as the photographer (It’s an industry standard). I do however grant you a printing licence included in the photography prices, allowing you to print your images as you please. I also reserve the right to share your amazing images including for marketing purposes… (But if you prefer not to, that’s absolutely fine too)…

I would be delighted to welcome you as a new client and document your wedding day. I’d like your wedding photography to be the easiest part of your special day. So, if you would like me to document your day visually then follow the button below…

Are you available?
Wedding album layflat

Printing Your Memories




I’m incredibly passionate about having your images printed. Being able to enjoy them in your home regularly reminding you of your best moments in life. An instant ‘mood-booster’ and ideal conversation starter for when guests are around, you’re able to share your wedding album with them and relive the relive your memories all over again.


The album is hand crafted and made in the UK to the highest quality, did I mention they come with a lifetime guarantee too? Yep! That’s how confident I am that your album will last your lifetime and your children’s lives. The colours and pages are stunning, the ‘lay flat’ technology allows you to appreciate double spread images without a crease down the middle.


The album is a little magical in hand and despite it’s boldness your images can be seen in such a different light once printed in the album. You’ll get the chance to review your album and select images should you wish to make it perfect before it is crafted with love for you.

Because parents want one too




Your parents have envisioned this day since the moment you were born, that’s a long time to wait. They are incredibly proud of you and will want to share your wedding day with everyone! The incredibly popular Parent Album can be added to any package at any time, even after the wedding, which will be a duplicate of your main album, just a little bit smaller.


I’ve helped parents relive their memories of your day many times with over, with 60 of these gorgeous albums hand crafted already delivered to their new home. Measuring 6″x 6″, they are an ideal size to pull out when guests are round or even to slip into your bag if you’re meeting with friends at the local coffee shop!

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