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10 rules to perhaps share with your wedding guests

10 rules to perhaps share with your wedding guests

To ensure your wedding guests are well behaved and know exactly what side of the line to stay on there is a top 10 for you to perhaps share with them to ensure all guests walk way with a good guest sticker!



1. Wedding guests RSVP – be there or else.

You’ll notice on your wedding invitation there’s a date for RSVPs to be in by. That deadline is there for a reason, so please make sure you get back to us by then. The seating plan is hard enough to sort without all of the RSVP’s.


2. Did we invite your children?

Might you notice on your wedding guests invitation it is addressed to just you and your other. As much as we love little Bobby, we’ve decided to have a child-free wedding. No exceptions. Not even for children as delightful as yours. Adults who’ve consumed copious amounts of alcohol and children don’t mix!



3. Don’t Wear White or a similar colour dress…

Stay clear of those colours, and even more so if lace is involved too. You can wear your beautiful white lace dress to any other event of the year. Brides get only one day to wear their nice white lace dress. Don’t ruin it. Please… Anyone but the bride!


4. Avoid wearing black or dark clothes!

Black is a bit funeral-esque, rather dull and traditionally wearing black was a way to protest against the marriage. So unless you object to the marriage and have the bride marry you, put your black tie back on the rack and pick out a more summery floral one instead.



5. Just wear what is asked, obey the dress code…

Unless the wedding invitation states that there’s an informal dress code, don’t assume there is one. That means no jeans! Yes, they’re are comfortable and you can do an awesome slide-across-the-room-on-your-knees in them, but just no, don’t wear them.


6. “Something’s come up”… Tough!

Please don’t leave an empty seat, the bride and groom paid to have you there. If you’ve said you’re going, unless it’s a serious emergency or you’re horribly contagiously ill, do not even think of cancelling. Likewise, if you said you’re not attending, don’t even think about rocking up to the wedding unannounced as a surprise miracle turn around!



7. Mobiles and any other device…

Picture the scene, the registrar is guiding the couple through their vows, the bride is delicately wiping tears of happiness from her eyes and what’s that? ‘All rise’ by Blue starts blaring out. Oh, that’s your phone? Awkward! there is no need to have it on, even if you are in the last seconds of bidding for a 3rd hand item of clothing on eBay, Don’t ruin that moment… It is funny when it happens and it’s not your phone, that sense of relief.



8. Don’t Get in the Photographer’s Way

Pretty please! So you have over 450 followers on Pinterest? One of your wedding guests has a camera and lens to rival that of the Hubble telescope? You’re still not the photographer the couple have paid for on their big day, so don’t get in the way, wielding your iPhone. Or iPad. But no one would actually want to bring an iPad to a wedding, right? There will be plenty of opportunities that the photographer will give you… don’t you worry!



9. Enjoy the moment

There’s nothing like a wedding party so don’t be that idiot who consumes a little too much vino. You wouldn’t go to a restaurant and decide to steal some of the furniture (at least I hope not), so resist the urge to make off with one of the carefully assembled centrepieces, cutlery or inhale the helium from a giant balloon before giving an impromptu speech.


10. Have Fun!

Did I just ruin your devious plan? Tough! It seems like a lot of rules and diva demands, but really it’s just courtesy and common sense! Be happy for the newlyweds and enjoy yourself!



Do you have a funny story to tell about wedding guests at your wedding? If so comment below, I’d love to hear it!


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