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If your destination wedding abroad is small, fun and passionate or remote, intimate and personal – I’m there to capture you on the best day of your lives surrounded in the most breathtaking surroundings. As a destination wedding photographer it’s easier than you think to have me have document your magical journey of becoming married abroad. It’s just a case of packing my bags, booking flights and I’ll be there to document your wedding over seas.


Available to document weddings wherever, basically! –  My favourite destination wedding location is of course, Italy! But I absolutely love photographing in other abroad wedding locations such as Sorrento in Italy, Santorini in Greece and many more incredible magical places. Take me with you to photograph your wedding at your destination wedding setting! Lets open up to something incredible happening, something magical and something special. Your wedding, your connection you falling in love over and over again.



The thought of a wedding abroad can be as exciting as it is stressful. To ask your family & friends to travel out to a magical destination for your wedding can seem like a big task but it needn’t be! At least as a destination wedding photographer, it’s easier than you think!

“Really loved the photographs that Lewis took of us on our wedding day in Italy! He captured the day so beautifully and didn’t even notice he was there, with many of the guests saying the same! He made us feel so comfortable and is such a friendly guy that the photos seemed effortless!”


Karys & Seb – Ravello, Italy

I’ll travel out with you to your destination wedding abroad. I’ll take care of the logistics and ensure it’s one less thing to think about as you soak it all up. Feeling the warm sun and breeze as it gently rolls over your skin. The taste of new flavours of the area.


Ahead of your wedding, I will spend a lot of time planning the perfect times through the day for the perfect light, in front of the most stunning vistas and locations at your venue. Helping to plan the most incredible experience of your destination wedding photography!

best wedding photography ravello wedding in Italy on balcony at Villa Eva close up

Destination Wedding


How much does it cost?

As I will arrange my own flights and accommodation I do ask for a supplementary fee on top of the regular package prices, it’s not much more but it’s there to cover the costs for me to have a pleasant stay during your destination wedding.


You can find out about my wedding photography packages for a better idea of what you can expect.

Where will you stay?

I’ll have a small appartment arranged to stay for 2 nights via Air B&B. It will be local to your wedding and one that fits the amenities such as Wi-Fi, parking and sufficient security etc that’s needed to deliver your amazing destination wedding photography.

Have you been there before?

It’s likely I haven’t but that being said; A good destination wedding photographer won’t need to see your venue ahead of your wedding. Often local photographers can miss a lot of details by going into ‘auto-pilot’. With a fresh perspective from a destination wedding photographer you can guarantee we will notice the details, the emotion and everything in between at your wedding. I’ll often visit the venue one day before the wedding to carry out small checks of light etc and that’s it!

Do we arrange your flights?

To save you from thinking of something else, I will happily arrange my own transport that is convenient to me. I’ll fly out at least one day before your wedding and leave at least one day after, ensuring there’s plenty of time to catch up with any adjustments and chance to taste and drink the local delicacies of the area.

Do you have insurance abroad?

Yes!!! I wouldn’t ever risk working without it. You can have peace of mind knowing that I have worldwide insurance that covers all my equipment, any damage that may have been caused and cover for illness too.

Why not a local photographer?

You’ll want to know that your photographer will capture your vision of the day. By taking a photographer out with you who is local to you at home means you can build a fantastic connection ahead of your wedding day. Making you both feel comfortable in front of the camera. It also allows us to understand your vision as we discuss over a nice cup of tea and a quick return process of receiving your images following your special day.


You’ll get extra coverage which starts the day before the wedding and finishes the following day maximising the whole experience of your wedding and documenting the excitement and joy of a wedding abroad in the sun.

Let’s dream together and make your destination wedding photography a reality

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Destination wedding photography of couple newly married walking through a vineyard in Italy.

Destination weddings from the UK – The Ultimate Guide


A wedding is one of the most incredible and special moments to happen in your lives. Having a destination wedding takes this to the next level by giving couples a unique and romantic experience in breathtaking surroundings. Sharing the experience with your closest friends and family. Here’s a guide on wedding abroad and the things you should consider.


The location


There are several very popular destinations wedding locations around the globe. Locations such as Santorini in Greece, Amalfi Coast in Italy and countries such as Spain and France too are all very popular for people from the UK to travel to for their wedding abroad. You should consider costs for guests, accessibility with flights and the culture of the local area.


Planning and Preparation


Planning a beautiful destination wedding takes a lot of time and effort. It is worth hiring a local wedding planner to help with translation and ordering of your cake, flowers and catering in particular. They will have enormous experience in planning weddings for people in the UK. They do also support taking your own destination wedding photographer too!


Visas and Documents


Make sure you have all the necessary documents in order and in time ahead of your wedding day. Do some of your guests need visas to travel to the location? You can check with the local embassy and government websites.




Arranging accommodation for all of your guests can sound like quite the task. You’ll also want to consider transfers between the airport and hotel too. Again, utilise your wedding planner as they can help arrange this for you.




Destination weddings can require a bigger budget than a wedding in the UK. It’s worth understanding this and asking if having a wedding abroad is worth the cost. It’s worthwhile keeping to a budget no matter the size. You’ll also want to consider travel, food and accommodation costs of your destination wedding photographer travelling from the UK. They will often need 3 days in the location. Also, you’ll want to purchase specific wedding and travel insurance too.


Legal Requirements


Be up to date with the local laws and regulations of your wedding abroad. You’ll want your marriage to be legally recognised and without any issues. All of the information is easy to find on the UK Government website.


Guest List


Having a destination wedding is a great excuse to use to keep the guest list shorter than a UK wedding. This will also help keep costs down and allow the wedding to stay intimate and very personal. Less logistics to think about too with so many guests living all around the UK and abroad it can be difficult working out everyones flights and arrival times.




The real benefit of having a destination wedding. The weather! Checking the weather at the time of year will help know which location will be best for you. Although you’ll wish for blue skies, peak Mediterranean sun can be unbearable and will likely mean a lot of discomfort to you and your guests. Arrange a back-up plan should you not be able to have your wedding outdoors.



Ultimately, destination weddings are an excellent and special way to celebrate your love for each other. With thorough planning and preparations you can have a destination wedding you’ve always dreamed about. All goes to plan, you’ll be looking back on your destination wedding photography for many years and wishing you could do it all over again!

Not sure if having a destination wedding is a good idea? Here’s a few frequently asked questions regarding having a wedding abroad.

Where is the most popular locations?

The most popular destination wedding venues are undoubtable, warmer countries. These places each unique and special with their own traditions and cultures:


Italy, Greece, France, Spain.