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What to wear for a pre-wedding photo shoot

What to do now you're engaged with a photo of a engaged couple at a wedding venue

What to wear for a pre-wedding photo shoot

Ok so you’ve just booked you pre-wedding photo shoot. Panic sets in and now you’re thinking what on earth to wear for the engagement session right? Just like any event or arrangement, planning what to wear is sometimes a burden and a frustrating task. What to wear for your pre-wedding photo shoot is the only guide you need!


Updated for 2023


couple wearing good clothing for their pre-shoot

Lara wearing a cream light rollneck and jeans, Kieran wearing a dark crew neck to complement and contrast against the backdrop. | Summer


So what to wear for your pre-wedding photo shoot?


Usually, the session takes place around 6 months before the wedding in a location of your choice within South Wales / Cotswolds. I’m often asked what is best to wear for the engagement photo shoot. It’s a great to question because you’re going to be in front of the camera and you’ll want to obviously look your best! The guide will help you to make a much better choice and ease any stress ahead of your pre-wedding shoot.



Abi & Lewys wearing identical black long jackets with black jeans, contrasting against the light backdrop of the overcast sky and grey sea tones creating a moody yet contrasting vibe | Winter


1. Pick a style that suits you


First of all, wear something that represents yourself. Don’t rush out to buy a new long coat when your usual style is to wear a Parker or Barbour. Same for the lower half, for the ladies, be comfortable, wear trousers if you prefer  or wear a dress, being comfortable is the main priority.


Likewise for guys, don’t go wearing something that isn’t you. turn up in a smart-casual style as if you’re going out for a romantic stroll or a first date. To maximise the scene I’d highly suggest complimenting each other with similar colours and tones; No need to wear matching clothes but certainly have a similar style going on. Please avoid any form of tracksuit, hoodies or jogging bottoms. Instead I highly suggest – jeans or chinos; and for women, a light dress that will catch the wind or a blouse with jeans is always a good option.


guide on what to wear for pre-wedding photography session

Laura wearing jeans and blouse with Nathan wearing matching jeans and a shirt with a crew neck jumper | Contrasting the green and purple with white and dark makes them standout from the background. | Early Summer


2. Check the weather forecast


Before the session, check out the weather forecast. Make sure you’re going to dress accordingly. If it’s nice and warm; ladies, consider wearing a light dress that will catch the wind slightly, it will look amazing and dramatic! Guys, ideally avoid shorts unless they are chino styles with pumps as shoes or something similar. If you’re looking at early spring / winter, thick warm coats, hats and large scarfs look great for your pre-wedding session.


You can always bring a jacket and if needed, you can take it off during the session and I’ll hold onto it for you, Wouldn’t want you melting or on balance getting soaked without. So, if you’ve selected somewhere such as Ogmore or Southerndown as your location, consider that it maybe a little windier and that you’re more exposed to the elements so consider a hat or lots of hairspray and have a brush to hand if you think your hair will be everywhere!


Wedding planning in South Wales, helpful planning your wedding guide for engaged couples

Jess wearing a cream light polo neck thrower and Chris wearing a burgundy crew neck | Popping from the background which is dark floral background. | Spring


3. Consider the colour


There’s a little more to consider here as your location and season plays a big part. The idea is not to blend in with your background. When you watch movies, notice how the main characters always stand out from the background actors? This is because they pick colours that stand out but keep in line with the palette and theme.


If you’re heading to the coast, consider dark clothing, you’ll likely have the sky or sea in the background and you may disappear within the bright horizon. On the other hand, if you’re in a woodland, or green area why not look at a nice pastel red, yellow or some light colours especially pastel tones, you could always push for a more moody vibe by wearing black too if it’s a fairy open woodland space.


Again, consider the opposite colours on the same palette to your surroundings for your pre-wedding photo shoot. Avoid harsh bold colours (other than black), pastel colours are more suited and are more complementing. Why not look at other posted sessions for some ideas on your pre-wedding session clothing selection.


clothes for an engagement photo shoot

Both Natalie & Chris look perfect as they pop from the background. Wearing a black leather jacket with a white T-shirt and jeans. Chris wearing his black jacket, a personal lapel pin with a pastel red T-shirt and jeans too. | Spring


4. Tones & patterns of your clothing


If you can, try and avoid any harsh tones or patterns, you should aim to wear a fairly neutral style that is toned down and doesn’t resemble a highlighter pen! Navy, cream, grey and earthy colours are all perfect colours so you should aim for these tones. Patterned tops can work very well but can cause a clash with your partner’s attire and best avoided. This would be the same for logos too, try and avoid any obviously large logos (think ‘Superdry’). They don’t add anything to the image and likely not compliment your partners choice of clothing.


The ultimate aim is to make the images feel timeless so that they look great in 10 years time as they do now. We’ve all gone back through old photos and thought ‘What was I thinking?!’. Keeping it neutral is always a safe call.


what to wear for pre-wedding photo session

Rosie & Rhys complementing each other with matching Barbour jackets in similar tones offsetting the colour with a white top for contrast for their woodland and mountain walk session | Early Spring


5. Sunglasses and Hats


You want to wear sunglasses or a hat? It’s totally up to you, It’s preferable not to wear sunglasses unless they are prescribed as emotion is often captured in the eyes and If I can’t capture them, the viewer incl you won’t be able to fully engage with the image. You’ll also get some reflections within your glasses too so if you can avoid wearing them, great! As a good photographer, I’ll be able to work with the reflections to avoid me in your images by positioning your head slightly differently to help if you insist on wearing them.


Wearing hats is part of a personality, and I welcome that, if it’s a winter pre-wedding shoot then great, a beanie or bobble hat are great with a nice thick scarf too, but wearing a cap in the summer will break up the connection between you both, so I’d personally suggest avoid wearing one if you can. If one of you have a straw hat then that’s cool and certainly bring it as you can use it as a prop some what, bigger the better.


Bringing dogs to pre-wedding photo shoot

Both Sophie & Sam complementing each other with light matching clothing although similar to the sky majority of the session being against the green and darker backdrops working well | Summer


6. Bring your Dogs


Can we bring our dogs to the pre-wedding photo shoot? Yes yes yes! While I strongly recommend brining your dog along for a run around and a ‘family picture’ just be sure that they have a good recall and happy to be calm by your side while you both get nice and close. If your dog has a lot more energy, I would encourage you to bring a dog sitter so that after capturing a small selection of images together, they can then head off for a bit allowing you to concentrate in being romantic and having fun.


Clothing options for your pre-wedding session

Laurie wearing a white vest with a light dark long skirt to contrast against the backdrop, with Lee complimenting Laurie’s outfit with a very summery smart vibe. | Summer


What is a pre-wedding photo shoot and do we need one?


It’s certainly a growing genre of photography, perfectly complementing your wedding photography. The engagement session allows you to feel relaxed in front of the camera and all packages that I offer include the session. It’s also a great opportunity to have a chat and get to know you both more as a couple during your pre-wedding session.



It’s a cliché to say but go enjoy yourself! Wear your smiles and personality like you’re in the hands of your fiancé… Because you are! The only difference is that it’s being documented. Being yourself is what makes the images so special and stand out from your normal selfies and casual photos.

If you want to book a pre-wedding photo shoot or engagement session you can check my availability and chat about your choice of location too!













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