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What to wear for a pre-wedding photo shoot

what to wear on the pre-wedding photo session with bride and groom dancing on cliff

What to wear for a pre-wedding photo shoot

Ok so you’ve just booked you pre-wedding photo shoot. Panic sets in and now you’re thinking what on earth to wear right? Just like any event or arrangement, planning what to wear is sometimes a burden and frustrating task. What to wear for your pre-wedding photo shoot is the guide you need!



So what to wear for your pre-wedding photo shoot?



First of all, wear something that represents yourself. Don’t go wearing a long trench coat when your usual style is to wear a duffle coat. Likewise for guys, don’t go wearing something that isn’t you. Dress smart casual like you’re going out for a romantic stroll. To maximise the scene I’d highly suggest compliment each other in colours, no need to wear matching clothes but certainly have a similar style going on.


what to wear for pre-wedding photo shoot - couple on bridge



There’s a little more to consider here as your location and season plays a big part. The idea is not to blend in with your background. When you watch movies, notice how the main characters always stand out from the background actors? This is because they pick colours that stand out but keep in line with the theme. If you’re heading to the coast, consider dark clothing, you’ll likely have the sky or sea in the background and you may disappear within the image.  On the other hand, if you’re in a woodland, or green area why not look at a nice deep red or light colours. Again, consider the opposite colour palette to your surroundings for your pre-wedding photo shoot.


pre-wedding at the coast - what to wear


Tones & Patterns

If you can, try and avoid any harsh tones or patterns, you should aim to wear a fairly neutral style that is toned down and doesn’t resemble a highlighter pen! Navy, cream, peach and grey are all perfect colours so you should aim for these tones. Patterned tops can work very well but can cause a clash with your partner’s attire and best avoided. This would be the same for logos too, try and avoid any obviously large logos. They don’t add anything to the image and likely not compliment your partners choice. The ultimate aim is to make the images feel timeless so that they look great in 10 years time as they do now. We’ve all gone back through old photos and thought ‘What was I thinking?!’. Keeping it neutral is always a safe call.


pre-wedding Nash-point-lighthouse-wedding-vale-glamorgan-south-wales-wedding-photographer-lewis-fackrell-photography


It’s a cliché to say but go enjoy yourself! Wear your smiles and personality like you’re in the hands of your fiancé… Because you are! The only difference is that it’s being documented. Being yourself is what makes the images so special and stand out from your normal selfies and casual photos.





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