Wedding sparklers at your wedding

Wedding sparklers at thoresby riding hall

Wedding sparklers at your wedding

Wedding sparklers are always a feast for the eye! Especially as a wedding photographer. You’ve planned to include a ‘sparkler send-off’ in the schedule, fantastic!  They are absolutely great fun and your guests should sure enjoy it, not to mention you as the wedding couple.


To ensure the best possible results for your sparkler exit you’d be surprised to know that there is a little planning involved. Also some things to avoid too! I’ve added some pointers below to help you plan the best moment, and of course for me as your wedding photographer to snap too!


Wedding Sparklers at Villa Teodolinda, Lake como italy weddng


Size matters…

Have you considered that ‘wedding sparklers‘ aren’t actually the best ones, they may advertise as the ones to get. Reality is that you need to get the extra long 18″, slow burning sparklers. Otherwise you may have one side lit while the other sides sparkers have just extinguished. Not to mention it keeps the hot bit further away from the dress. When all sparklers are fully lit and you’re enjoying the moment it will look awesome for the camera!


Check with your photographer

Don’t forget, you should always discuss with your photographer on how best to arrange the scene. You should ensure they have plenty of notice to have an off-camera flash set up to perfectly light the moment. With that being said, they are the ones capturing it so you want the wedding sparklers to look the best!


Wedding Sparklers with bride and groom


Check with your wedding venue

Check if you have permission with your wedding venue if you are permitted to carry it out. Do they suggest a particular spot and do they have any rules? You really don’t want it to be ruined with a fine because the grass was burned or that animals may pick up on the metal.


Lighting your wedding sparklers

Buy at least 10 lighters and not matches. Matches are unpredictable and often very sensitive to a gust and run out very quickly. Lighters will have a better chance of lighting the sparklers much quicker too! Plus you’re not likely to burn your fingers when the match burns out! Safety first and all that!


Wedding Sparklers at South Wales Wedding venue, miskin manor


Time check?

Have you decided on the best time for sparklers? Just after sunset is perfect time to hold them. With a nice dark blue lingering in the night sky, you should get some stunning backgrounds rather than waiting until it’s pitch black out side. You’ll also have some lovely ambient light on your guests faces capturing them in the image too! Personally I think it’s also the best time to do it, before guests begin to settle down and begin to have several glasses of alcohol which may increase fooling around and awareness around the dress.


Safety first…

Sparklers can get very hot once you’ve finished with them and therefore it’s very important that a bucket of water or sand is readily available and close for guests to safely ignite and dispose of correctly. Keeping everyone happy, especially the wedding venue! If anything could go wrong the photographer is not at fault and it is suggested that a groomsman is made responsible for arranging the sparkler exit and correctly disposing of the used wedding sparklers.


Miskin manor wedding sparklers


Setting up the scene…

Arranging the scene, I usually ask the DJ or toastmaster to call guests wanting to participate to head outside to the designated area. I will set up the lighting and have the guests in place for the wedding couple to arrive. The sparkers will then be handed out and once everyone is in place and the lighting is great, I’ll call out for everyone to light their wedding sparklers. Giving maximum awesomeness and ensure everyone is enjoying themselves by lighting them the same time. Then once ended I remind everyone to place the used ones into the bucket provided.



The images are always epic to review, the expressions on peoples faces are natural and look great under the golden light! If you’re planning on having wedding sparklers at your wedding be sure to consider all of the points above to have a safe and ‘sparktacular’ send-off!

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