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Top wedding photography | Summary 2023

Top wedding photography | Summary 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, I reflect on the past 12 months and the journey I have been on as a photographer but also as a person. The world changed a lot, with new challenges to navigate. Not to mention becoming a first-time Dad to our gorgeous little girl, Poppy – she features a lot on my Instagram stories! We also decided to move home and renovate it + I started a brand new aspect of my business too… Ye, I don’t know how I did it!


This year has been particularly special, as like previous years, I’m learning about the meaning of relationships, the depth of bonds between others and the strong emotions held between them; My role is a great teacher and I’m grateful to everyone who stands in front of my camera, suppliers guests and couples!


I had the privilege of capturing some of the most heartfelt moments at weddings in South Wales and the breathtaking landscapes of the Cotswolds this year each as exciting and bursting with joy as the wedding before and after. It has truly been a year of growth and exploration, both artistically and emotionally. Before I’m in danger of going on, let’s allow the images to do the talking right?

Picture a beautiful fairytale-like venue, nestled within the heart of the Gower; The sun shining and the weather pre-arranged by the distribution of a sausage (more on that later). Gorgeous decorations thanks to an abundance of white roses fill the room. Elegance, luxury and a day of celebrations and joy at Fairyhill, Gower.


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VENUE | @fairyhill
MUA | @kirstyrowlandsmakeup
HAIR | @beaubridal_hair_specialist
DRESS | @evalendel // @highsocietybridalboutique
Cake | @lilac_cottage_cakery
FLOWERS | @evefrancescadesigns
ENTERTAINMENT | @weareaudiosugar // @destinys.strings

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