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Planning your wedding | Advice from wedding suppliers

Supplier at wedding at Elmore Court

Planning your wedding | Advice from wedding suppliers

Planning your wedding is exciting right but there’s so much to know and look through. By now you’ve booked your wedding photographer (woo!), you’ve secured your dream venue, there are still other suppliers to book. A dress, Cake, stationery to name but a few. Planning your wedding can be stressful and confusing where it doesn’t need to be. Here are several suppliers who are here, from cake maker, dress supplier and evening entertainment to help you plan your dream wedding with their own advice!


Updated 2023


Wedding Planner – Zoe Binning


“As a wedding planner, I see couples make the same mistakes as I’m called in to deal with the fall-out.  Prevent wedding day disasters by following my 5 top tips to ensure yours is a day to remember… for the right reasons!”

Research your suppliers – Be prepared with a list of questions so you don’t forget to ask anything.  Always meet a few to compare and check feedback and Facebook pages for testimonials

Flowers – Create a stunning backdrop for your day, but they’re expensive, so make yours work for you by moving arrangements from the ceremony to decorate the reception.  You could use your bridesmaid’s bouquets as centrepieces or pew ends as chair backs for the top table.

Budgeting – It’s key! Weddings are expensive so don’t forget to keep a check on your spending.  Keep 10% back for unexpected emergency situations.

Always take out wedding insurance – Whether you have an extravagant or modest wedding budget!  Even the best-laid plans can sometimes go awry.

Your venue coordinator is not your wedding planner – Don’t leave the running of your day to chance.  Prevent last minute panics as to whether the car or cake will arrive, or the band is paid and give your mum, sister and BFF the opportunity to enjoy every moment of your special day with you, by hiring a professional wedding planner to take away the stress.


The Cake – Vale Cake Boutique


“When choosing a wedding cake, there are many options, the styling, colour, theme, flavour it can be a little overwhelming. By arranging a tasting session and a cake planning meeting in advance you can finally achieve your dream wedding cake and realise your vision. On the day of your wedding, you may also want to consider when the cake would be the main focus – ‘Cutting of the cake’ of course!

The showpiece, the tiers and design in all it’s glory… not to mention the taste to come shortly after, yummy! Cutting the cake in the evening has it’s benefits, no one knows how many portions are there and therefore if you’re concerned about having a portion per person being too much or budget doesn’t allow for that, you can ultimately under subscribe and no one will know. After all the cake is sliced and placed on platters to join the evening buffet!”


The Wedding Dress – Yasmin Rose Bridal


“Picking your ‘perfect wedding dress’ when you’re planning your wedding can be one of the most stressful and difficult decisions for a bride. There’s such a selection to choose from. Many details that go into choosing a dress such as – body shape and skin tone to the wedding theme and month of the wedding! Once you’ve decided on your dress you’ll need to think about accessories that compliment your wedding gown. Along with deciding on the correct undergarments and shoes you want to wear on the big day. The season is another important factor for you to consider.

Choosing appropriate material and accessories for each season so that you’re not too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer months. Another significant point in choosing your wedding dress is your budget, there are dresses for all ‘brides-to-be’ within your price range that are equally as perfect. Final tip is to look through bridal magazines and Pinterest to get an idea of different styles. Whether you prefer a classic A-line gown, or a sexy silhouette, we can guide you towards the most perfect wedding dress.” 


Wedding Photography – Lewis Fackrell Photography


“The main bit of advice I can give you is to trust your wedding photographer. Having photographed many weddings especially South Wales Weddings over several years, there isn’t really a situation I haven’t witnessed or planned for. It’s all about making the most of your day. Allowing me to document you and your guests on your day naturally without intrusion. If you’re nervous it shows you care and often these emotions make the best photos as you react naturally to each other in front of the camera. So absolutely be yourself, laugh, cry and have the most amazing day!” 


Make-up by Nicola – Wedding MUA



“Booking your make-up artist is just as important as all the other things at your wedding. After all, the bride is the centrepiece. Choosing a make-up artist is so important as you’ll want to look like the best version of you. Making sure you’re looking timeless and elegant for your groom, guests and photography & film.
Always book a trial beforehand so you get to discuss your make-up ‘look’ for your big day it’s not always essential but it’s something that I offer in my bridal services. It’s also a perfect time to try some new techniques and styles to really look the best. Bridal make-up requires having a little more make-up than you’d usually wear. Normally the only thing I recommend brides to take with them through the day is lipstick, top-up as and when. Choosing your lipstick can be done at the trial and I can highly recommend colours that would best compliment the rest of your make up and accessories.
Building a relationship with your MUA is important as they help you in perfecting your final look. A make-up artist is there on the morning of the most important day of your lives and we want to create a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. It’s so relaxing having your ‘glam squad’ around you in the morning taking the pressure off you doing it yourself. Enjoy all the planning it’s all exciting!”


Videography – Steve Ratcliffe Films


“Wedding video has come a come a long way in the last 10 years. It’s now referred to as a wedding film. A wedding film is more cinematic in it’s appearance, a lot more creativity, time and effort is involved in making a modern wedding film. Wedding films can capture things that can’t be shown in any other format. The little squeeze of hands, the looks exchanged, the sound of the laughter not just a smile. Imagine years after the wedding trying to remember every word of the Father of the Brides speech, impossible! A good film captures the whole day and also things you missed. Bride’s and Groom’s always regret not thinking of booking one during planning your wedding one after seeing a modern wedding film.”


Wedding Decorations – The Wedding Business


“Once booking your venue, the rush kicks in. Well you are getting married after all!  However we always advise to never plan too far in advance. Yes find and book your date with the decorator, whose style you love every time (not the odd time). It’s very easy to get caught up in the moment. Planning it all too early can leave you wanting to change things. Don’t choose and finalise your decor, centrepiece, colours, styles themes, etc until around 9-12 months before. Designs and Styles change so much and no couple wants a “dated” design for their special day. When you walk in to see your design you want it to be everything you imagined and more.”



Planning your wedding Summary


Hopefully, the wedding advice from local vendors will help with planning your wedding. There is plenty of advice available from their websites so go ahead and check it out. While you’re planning your wedding there are a lot of choices to make but by understanding your vision and your budget you’ll have a much better idea of what to plan. Ultimately and above all, enjoy the planning process as it goes by very quickly!




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