Karys & Seb | Brecon Pre-wedding photo shoot

Brecon Pre-wedding photo shoot with couple in the snow by lake

Karys & Seb | Brecon Pre-wedding photo shoot

The ‘Beast from the East’ struck the day we had scheduled to hold Karys & Seb’s picturesque Brecon pre-wedding photo shoot. Thankfully we postponed and waited out the gales until the weather settled. The roads still a little treacherous, Seb picked me up in his 4×4 at the point i dared not go any further. We headed to the spot I’d picked out. A stunning vista of mountains, frozen waterfalls and snow-kissed hills.

Karys, the bride to be wanting some special photos, they brought their ‘A-Game!’ Karys wearing a wind catching dress with Seb comforting her. Creating an epic scene, and somewhat one from a romantic movie. I feel at this point I must stress their coats and warmer clothing are just to the side and this session was totally in their control.

Concerned about how cold it was, it actually felt the warmest day of the whole weekend, they wrapped up and got warm before we continued making the most of this opportunity. By far one of my favorite pre-wedding photo shoots I’ve done! Combining my love for landscapes photography, the outdoors and photographing couples…


Here are the highlights from their Brecon pre-wedding photo shoot.



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