Humble By Nature Farm, Monmouth wedding photography | Sian & Paul

Humble By Nature Farm wedding Monmouth

Humble By Nature Farm, Monmouth wedding photography | Sian & Paul

A Farm wedding is enough to put many off with the idea of animals and mud but Sian & Pauls wedding on the Humble by Nature farm in Monmouth was the perfect setting! A beautifully decorated and arranged venue only accepting a handful of wedding per year due to being a working farm. The small ceremony room in a stunning renovated barn conversion with beautiful gardens created to the side.

I found Sian & Paul each finalizing the last touches to their very personal wedding, they had decorated the lambing shed with plenty of hessian and fairy lights, seating arrangements, of course, were hay bales and wooden benches. The details were beautiful which you’ll see later. Not having bridesmaids Sian got ready by the side of her mum in the upstairs of the barn. Keeping composure from the overwhelming nerves and emotions. Paul still whizzing around preparing the venue to be the best it could. As the venue is situated in the countryside, the only sounds you hear is nature. The birds singing, animals making noises and the occasional distant aircraft in the sky. With the weather glorious and the sun beating down, it was a perfect day for an outdoor wedding!


Here is their highlights from their Farm wedding at Humble by Nature.



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