Daniella & Alex | Engagement photo shoot | Brecon

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Daniella & Alex | Engagement photo shoot | Brecon

Daniella & Alex invited me along to their favourite place for their engagement photo shoot. Hidden in the Brecon Beacons National Park and surrounded by autumnal colours and dense woodland. What a perfect location! We walked around the forest, under the canopy of leaves with the faint light breaking through. I absolutely love the woodland, the inner kid in me comes out and my exploration continues. Daniella & Alex were a little nervous to begin with which is absolutely normal, how often do you have a camera pointing in your direction?! I relaxed them during our walk by talking about their wedding and soon they become total pros. Laughing and learning of their epic sounding Nigerian wedding celebrations – I literally can’t wait to witness this at their wedding…


Having met Daniella & Alex via Instagram, we got on very well. So much so we even had a 2nd meeting, which was lovely to get to know them so much more ahead of their wedding at Oldwalls, Gower.


Here are some highlights from their engagement photo shoot.



If you have recently become engaged and love the sound of a pre-wedding or engagement photo shoot (same thing) please get in touch as I’d love to hear from you! 


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