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South Wales Wedding Blog.

Here you’ll find South Wales wedding photography highlight blogs from recent weddings I’ve documented and captured. There’s also engagement photo session blogs, helpful wedding planning blogs and lots of useful information – The support and guides you really need to ahead of your big day!

 I share almost all weddings I photograph on my blog. I want to show you how I approach and photograph weddings through the day. Giving you a perfect idea of how your day will look through your gallery at your potential wedding venue. Welcome to take inspiration from the weddings too!

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manor hotel brecon pre-wedding photography

Brecon pre-wedding photography | Sarah & Matt

Sarah & Matt had their Brecon pre-wedding photography at the weekend ahead of their wedding at the scenic Manor Hotel in Brecon.   What a day they picked, the weather; gorgous with a gentle breeze in the air and the lake as still as glass, as it lapped over the bank.   We had such great fun on this shoot and talked about how Sarah & Matt regularly spend a lot of their time in the Brecon Beacons. All having a shared interest in fitness, cycling and walking in the countryside. Matt also gave us his finest impression of the Sherminator from American Pie

barry island pre-wedding photo session of couple stood on bench

The Knap, Barry pre-wedding session | Beci & David

Got to catch up with Beci & David on their Barry pre-wedding photo session a few weeks back! They decided to have their session at the same spot David proposed - The bench features in the images.   Such a great couple to photograph as they were super chilled, joked around and was great fun! Not to mention picked a pretty epic location which delivered an equally awesome sunset!   Beci & David get married in the summer with their reception at Canada Lodge & Lake. Here are their Barry pre-wedding photo session highlights  

best wedding photography West Wales pre-wedding photography of couple dancing on the beach

Rhianwen & Ollie | Mwnt, West Wales pre-wedding photography

Rhianwen & Ollie had their West Wales pre-wedding photography at the weekend. They had chosen Mwnt as the location, mainly as it's where Rhianwen spent a lot of time growing up on regular holidays. I'd seen Mwnt's beauty in pictures but nothing prepared me for how incredible it was in person. The sea, as still as glass. The sounds of the waves gently lapping, the golden-lit hills and cliffs from the setting sun. Being so remote in the Welsh countryside it's somewhat of a hidden gem and we pretty much had it to ourselves. We went for a walk around the small

Cardiff pre-wedding photo session of couple in bluebells woods

Cardiff pre-wedding photo session | Sarah & David

Sarah & David had their Cardiff pre-wedding photo session at the local bluebell woodlands. The Bluebells, an absolute highlight of the woodland that's perched on the side of the Cardiff hills. With David admitting his awkwardness which was totally ok! We had a brief catch-up and talked about the wedding which there are only a few bits left to arrange. Avoiding other photographers in the area, we found a nice quiet spot amongst the bluebells and beech trees - literally must have been THE time for photo shoots of all kinds at the same location! Having relaxed David so he felt

Ashton Court Bristol wedding photography photo session of couple in meadow

Ashton Court, Bristol pre-wedding photography | Jennie & Will

Jennie & Will had their Bristol pre-wedding photography session at the weekend at Ashton Court. What a location! Set on the borders of Somerset and Bristol overlooking Clifton, this place just perfect for a photo session! Jennie & Will and I met by the entrance and instantly got straight to it. We discussed their wedding plans and the time since they booked me back in October. Will mentioned that he's pretty much happily been in the backseat during the whole process as Jennie took full control of the plans - Sounding awesome by the way and I'm very much looking forward

Spring wedding on Lake in Cardiff | Caz & David

Caz & David had their Canada Lodge & Lake Wedding photography last weekend! The sun was shining all day, the smell of fresh cut grass and the perfumed scent of flowers in the air. I arrived at Caz's parents home where the bride was getting ready along with her bridesmaids. I always enjoy visiting couples homes as I really get to see their life story by means of timeless pictures of the family growing up, decorated proudly on the walls around their home. Caz & I were in Air cadets together around our teens so it was an honor to be asked

Buckland Hall pre-wedding photo session in field of Daffodils

Elle & Chris | Buckland Hall pre-wedding photography

Elle & Chris had their Buckland hall pre-wedding photography recently and it was the first time meeting too. Due to them living in Nottingham they booked almost all of their wedding based on recommendations! Thank you to Queens Florist for that. :) We met at a foggy and damp Buckland hall and got straight into it! It's not often you get a couple in front of the camera that just does everything you're thinking without prompt. Usually most couples, naturally feel awkward displaying such 'PDA' but not Elle & Chris. They wanted the world to know! Taking full advantage of the bank of

Penarth pre-wedding photography session with couple cuddling on pier

Penarth pre-wedding photography | Rhiannon & Phil

Penarth Pier was the perfect place for Rhiannon & Phil's Penarth pre-wedding photography. We met fairly early so that they had the place to themselves without many onlookers. It was fairly cold and lightly overcast, slight comparison to the sunrise picturesque background I'd envisioned. Non the less Phil held Rhiannon to keep her warm and we had a bit of a catch-up since we met last when they inquired several months prior. Rhi expressed how nervous she was so we tucked ourselves under the pier out of the way to warm them up for more 'PDA'. As we walked onto the pier

wedding photography and the confetti throwing at coed y mwstwr wedding venue

Coed y Mwstwr Wedding photography | Rhian & Mark

Rhian & Mark had their Coed y Mwstwr wedding photography recently and what a wedding it was! Coed y Mwstwr is perfect for a wedding, the stunning venue is nestled amongst a small welsh woodland. Spring in full form with freshly bloomed flower beds of daffodils overlooking the vale. Perfect for Rhian & Marks wedding day.The weather was perfect and everyone was in such great spirits. I met Rhian with her bridesmaids as they were each having their hair and makeup donned for the bridal prep at the venue. The weather was perfect and everyone was in such great spirits. I met

Bryngarw wedding photography of sparklers in March

Emma & Aled | Bryngarw House Wedding photography, South Wales

Emma & Aled's Bryngarw House wedding photography highlights are here! I've been looking forward to their wedding since they booked me way back in December 2016! Forecasts for the week was showing snow! I was like a child at christmas but the bride, less so. All I could think about was the epic snow covered backdrops. It's not often a white wedding happens, let alone to be lucky enough to photograph it.   There were some difficulties in the morning arriving at the venue with some guests a little snowed in. But the day was going ahead as planned! Emma arrived with

Caz david pre wedding canada lodge summer wedding

Pre-wedding photo session | Caz & David | South Wales

Caz & David had their pre-wedding photo session over the weekend ahead of their wedding at Canada Lodge & Lake. They decided on a very secluded woodland walk which they introduced me to right there. I've never visited been and can't understand how I haven't been already. I think I've now found my new walking place.   They were no exception to the nerves and awkwardness that each couple experiences on their pre-wedding photo session. I mean, how often do you turn your PDA dial to 100%?! Caz & David got straight into it, laughing loads and having a great time. They brought

Castell Noch pre-wedding in woods

Castell Coch pre-wedding photography | Abi & Chris

Abi & Chris joined me for their Castell Coch Pre-wedding photography at the weekend. Ahead of their wedding at Canada Lodge in August, it was a perfect opportunity while visiting home to hold the engagement photo session. Both Abi & Chris expressed they weren't the best in front of the camera and Abi often seen blinking. We started by breaking the ice and having a nice chat and catch up before getting straight to it. Castell Coch is surrounded by stunning tall trees and incredible views so it was great to have the couple placed amongst the surroundings as they did

Summer wedding in Swansea captured by wedding photographer

Wedding planning | Ultimate guide to a perfect day | Updated for 2021

What to expect when you're wedding planning. How about sunshine, everything going to plan and people arriving on time? Of course this all would be perfect. But have you thought about - What if things might not all work out how you had planned? The wedding planning guide is a perfect companion and great read to help polish the finer details. Giving you suggestions that you may not have already thought about.   Updated for 2021     Does your wedding plans have a weather check?   Planned for rain? Please factor this in during your wedding planning process. Many don't and pray for the weather gods