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Rosie & Rhys | Garth Mountain Engagement photography


Rosie & Rhys | Garth Mountain Engagement photography

Rosie, Rhys and their dog, along with me of course, headed up to the Garth mountain, North of Cardiff for their engagement photography shoot a few weeks back. With all our busy schedules we finally managed to find some time for the wind swept session.


Rhys & I were in school together from primary school to secondary with a school year separating us. Not having kept in touch much in the time between then and now. It was great to hear he and Rosie were keen to book me for their wedding photography at Sugarloaf Barn in the summer. On the shoot we had a good catch-up about everything in between and chatted about Rhys’ career in rugby with Cardiff blues and Merthyr. I also got to meet Rosie and their dog for the first time and got to know her a little too ahead of the wedding.


Although the weather wasn’t quite on our side – extremely windy and several moody clouds. We embraced the elements. Rosie & Rhys getting really close together as to protect from the wind… Helping to create some nice moody moments. Often the weather can help dictate the mood of the photo session, with Rosie’s hair blowing in the wind and a sense of comfort and safety as they held each other as their dog just looked on waiting for the next throw of the stick.


It was absolutely great to catch-up with their wedding plans too and I’m now super excited to be their Sugar loaf barn wedding photographer! PS If you have a dog and a pre-shoot coming up, always bring your dog! 🙂


Here are their engagement photography highlights



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