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Nash Point pre-wedding photography | Lara & Kieran

Couple holding each other for their wedding photography at Nash Point Lighthouse

Nash Point pre-wedding photography | Lara & Kieran

Nash point has been a backdrop and location for a lot of my thinking, nice walks and incredible sunsets! It’s an obvious location for a pre-photo session. Lara & Kieran had their session a few weeks ago ahead of their wedding and it was everything I had visioned!


Lara & Kieran… you rocked it! Lara would disagree with me saying that but really they were just awesome. She mentioned that she wasn’t so keen in front of the camera. In that case it’s back to basics, the connection. For the first 20 minutes of the session we just chattered and laughed uncontrollably. To be a photographer is to create a connection with the subject without them feeling there is anything in between, ie a big bad ass camera! Often the most simplest of techniques give way to the biggest results. By chatting, listening and ultimately breaking down any awkwardness barriers. I was then free to photograph Lara & Kieran being relaxed and then enjoying the session naturally without “and now kiss, kiss, Kiiisssss”… *Eye roll*.


We walked a little to Nash point lighthouse to ease into the session. Kieran obviously getting the ‘pre shoot nerves’ and had to find a bush to relieve himself so freely before we began – haha!


We then headed over to the cliffs. The sun was in it’s final hour on the horizon with the cliffs in the background. The view, always spectacular. That gorgeous golden light kicking off the glass like sea created a painting like backdrop. We chatted tons more about lots of silly stuff and then onto more important things such as the wedding and their plans for the big day which sounds fantastic! I can’t wait to be documenting their wedding and blogging that for sure.


Here are their Nash Point wedding photography highlights



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