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Zoe & Matt | Three cliffs bay photography

Zoe & Matt | Three cliffs bay photography

Zoe & Matt had their Three cliffs bay photography for their pre-wedding session recently. Although the first attempt was let down by the subject of weather, we were rewarded with golden sunset the following day.


Hensol Castle will host their wedding in the summer but the whole focus was on their pre-wedding at three cliffs bay photography session. After driving down on the Friday. Being somewhat of a weather spotter for a few hours I suggested it would be still good to head down… Just as I’d arrived at the rendezvous point I immediately got a weather warning for the area. The weather had changed. Shit! I called Zoe while Matt drove and we both agreed to postpone… until the next day.


Hensol Castle wedding photographer


With a small sense of deja vu. We actually met up this time and the weather was a complete contrast to the day before. Making the most of the gorgeousness of the area, we walked through the small woodland and down onto sea level taking in the estuary views while catching up with the couple and their plans for their wedding photography at Hensol Castle.


The sun already peaking in rich, golden colour. We made our way over to the main attraction, the three cliffs after scaling the side of the dune and following a path that lead us right into a crazy stag do party! Lads! With the guys clearing we had the space to ourselves. Zoe and Matt just totally went unaided and showed their love for one another. Holding and comforting each other in an upmost romantic setting which was just perfect.


Check back here soon to see their wedding photography at Hensol


With the colour of the sky changing a light hue of magenta. We started to head back maximising the session. Walking through the dunes and stopping for a little moment to take in the beauty and sunset as it fell behind the hills of the Gower. We ended with a brief stop at Pennard Castle before heading down the steep sand dune back towards the car park.


Such beauty and with each returned visit, I find myself seeing the cliffs in a totally different way, in different light so to speak and in front of a totally in love couple! If your Three Cliffs Bay photography is anything to go by, i’m looking forward to your wedding and can’t wait to document it for you both!


Here are their Three Cliffs Bay photography highlights


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