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Huntsham Court wedding photography | Devon | Natalie & Chris

Huntsham Court wedding photography of the bride and groom cheering as they walk into the room for their reception to begin

Huntsham Court wedding photography | Devon | Natalie & Chris

Huntsham Court in Devon is just an incredible venue. Steeped in history with a thousand stories to tell. I was really delighted to have been asked to be Natalie & Chris’ wedding photographer here. Having the place exclusively yours for the weekend is simply asking for a heck of a celebration.


Not only was it my first time at Huntsham Court photographing a wedding but also my first Devon wedding too! Located in Tiverton in the centre of the Devonshire countryside, surrounded by thick lush woodland and rolling hills. I literally don’t think you could take a bad photo at this venue, even if you tried. Everywhere you look is beauty, colour and historic architecture. Just down the road, a stones throw away is All Saints Church which is on the grounds of the venue. The 14th century church is where the ceremony was held, all 107 guests squeezed in, just! The details, the worn brick and even the smell of the church felt like it had so much history over the centuries.


The Friday night ahead of the wedding, the couple had henna celebrations to kick off the weekend of partying which will explain the dark little fingers on their hands through the photos. Apparently their fingers should stay stained for up to 6 months. I think it’s always so special to have a such personal touches to your wedding, the stories of their families and traditions that they celebrate.



The pictures are insane! Thank you a million times over!!! ... We are feeling all kinds of feels!



The Wedding day


I joined Natalie & Chris at Huntsham Court in the morning as they were both getting ready, with a helping hand from Dave my 2nd photographer for the day capturing Chris and the groomsmen (Thanks once again!). I was in the room filled with 90’s and 00’s Canadian music – Taylor Swift, Celine Dion and a bonus of Tina Turner and Michael Jackson. It was of course, bridal preparations! With both Laura’s, make-up and hair helping to set the girls up for the day with tons of singing, laughter and just an overall great experience. I think I may have been caught more than once singing along and popping a hip once or twice.


Their pre-wedding photography session

As you’ve probably seen, I have shared their pre-wedding photography session a few times on social media. Not only because we got to visit the bluebells but because the love and happiness radiating from them simply makes for brilliant photography. Have a read and a look if you haven’t already. The Bluebells had just bloomed and we visited a little quiet secluded spot as the sun was early in the sky. The light peaking through the trees and the sound of light rustling of the leaves and birds song.



Those portraits, speeches and that first dance


I never like to fuss with the portraits, a nice little walk filled with natural moments and a few obligatory official portraits. We were spoilt for choice, which direction, which backdrop – gggaaaaahhhhh! We decided to go for a walk down to the church for 10 minutes. I also like to think this time is a time-out for the couple away from guests to compose and have time alone together. In the process they get fantastic moments together in front of the camera too. The colour around the venue was superb and in photography you certainly try and make the most of that as you can see below. Such a stunning part of the day.


Well, their first dance was good. I mean, very good. Performing a cheeky little number for their guests and having the best time in the process to the sound of Bobby Darin’s – Beyond the Sea. Followed was some incredible Assyrian dancing (google it!) and more dancing with Chris leading the way and the crowd mimicking all his dance moves… I had dancing envy for sure! Especially when Natalie the bride tried reeling me into the centre of the dance floor… A huge panic came before me as I couldn’t think of a single move or jiggle (yep I was desperate and considered it). The dance floor was bouncing all night which is a great sign of a good day!


I really couldn’t leave. After meeting Natalie & Chris last year and then all of a sudden their wedding having arrived and coming to an end, I’m a little bit gutted it’s all over. But I’m sure there’s a friendship there which is epic! Chris did bring me a glazed bun on their pre-shoot which pretty much seals the deal right there!


Here are their Huntsham court wedding photography highlights


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