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10 fun wedding ideas for your guests

Wedding planning ideas for lawn games

10 fun wedding ideas for your guests

So you are currently working through your list of wedding planning ideas and are almost coming to the bottom of that list with nothing booked, here is a top 10 list of fun wedding ideas and exciting suggestions to keep your guests happy and be sure for them to remember your big day, for the time they laughed so hard and enjoyed it a little more than previously anticipated…


10 fun wedding ideas to entertain your guests


1. Pass the Parcel


Pre-arrange pass the parcel packages to be wrapped with a main gift in the centre of each. Then at a certain time during your wedding reception have your bridesmaids hand out one parcel per table, so that your guests can enjoy this fun wedding idea – pass the parcel as an ice-breaker! Use wedding themed wrapping paper to make the game even more fun!


2. Multiple wedding cakes


Order a wedding cake for each table, so that when the time comes, the newlywed couple can go round cutting the cake on each table. This is a fun and interactive way to interact with all of your guests and to ensure that everyone gets a good view of the all-important cake cutting moment.


3. Singing waiters


You can’t go wrong with a little bit of entertainment during your wedding breakfast. Singing waiters can be a great addition to your wedding reception as not only will they get the crowd involved, but it will be a great moment for your photographer to catch on camera!


4. Adult Bouncy Castle


Who doesn’t love a bouncy castle, such a perfect summer wedding fun wedding ideas? If you’re having a summer wedding then an adult bouncy castle could be the ultimate idea in order to get your party started. But remember, shoes off!


5. Unique wedding food


How many times have you been to a wedding with the same three-course menu? Why not spice it up for your guests and either chose a completely unique wedding menu with the chef at your venue, or, order a couple of local food trucks featuring different dishes ranging from sweet and savory.


6. Interactive guest book


Rather than a traditional book why not have an interactive or personalized guest book where guests can either write a message on a chalk board and have it photographed to put into an album, or, a video style guest book featuring a booth and a DVD at the end for you to keep.


7. Have a dance off


If you want to keep your dance floor full all night, why not arrange a dance-off with a bottle of Champagne prize for the winner.


8. Cool cocktail bar


Instead of a traditional bar at your wedding why not have a unique cocktail bar featuring signature cocktails thought up by the bride and groom.


9. Have an open mic at the speeches


Instead of just the father of the bride, groom and best man making a speech at the wedding reception, why not offer the microphone around the room for any of your guests to add their comments or own little speech about the bride or groom.


10. Toss the bouquet


Make a big deal of tossing the bouquet. Fun for all the ladies, single or not, tossing the bouquet is an exciting and memorable moment for all one of the classic  & fun wedding ideas.


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