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Top 10 tips for preparing for your wedding day

Hensol Castle wedding photography of bride and groom at the jetty in the summer

Top 10 tips for preparing for your wedding day

So you’re planning for your wedding day. You’re beginning to feel the butterflies feeling as nerves and excitement begin to build… here are a few tips to help prepare for the big day…


  • Take it slow – enjoy the planning of your wedding. Take your time and enjoy it, you only get to do it once, so make it fun and not stressful!


  • Don’t get caught up in “perfection” – embrace the unexpected, some of the best moments are the ones you didn’t expect!


  • Try not to stress – “Remember why you are getting married, and try to truly make it be an event about (and for) the both of you. Have faith in your vendors and photographer, and trust that they will do their job well!


  • Accept that you can’t please everyone – “You cannot make everyone happy, and trying to accommodate others will just make the whole process more daunting. This is your day; make it about you. It really is the only day that you will get that chance.


  • Remind yourself what’s truly important – “My biggest piece of advice for brides and grooms planning their wedding is to never forget that it is a celebration of the union between two people.


  • Don’t sweat the little things – plan ahead, don’t procrastinate, don’t sweat the little things, only do things that you can afford, try not to do anything wedding related two weeks before the wedding, enjoy your big day, and don’t forget to steal a couple private moments just as husband and wife throughout your wedding day.


  • Make wedding appointments fun – food tasting, venue tours, cake tasting, and the like do not have to be all business.


  • Let your creativity flow – No one knows your vision better than yourself so trust your own style and taste. This is your special day with your husband so make sure to enjoy it and soak up every moment. This will be one of the BEST days of your life, I promise.” —Sarah and Kris.


  • Finish the small details early – The sooner you can get done with small things, the better, because the closer the wedding gets, the bigger the small tedious things tend to get. It will be the fastest year of your life. And as far as the wedding goes, make sure to stop during all of the hustle and bustle to enjoy yourselves.


  • Enjoy – don’t forget to enjoy the day there is no more to do on the day so just relax and have fun.

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