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Wedding at Oldwalls & Fairyhill, Swansea | Natalie & John

First dance of bride and groom for their wedding photography at Oldwalls & Gower collection with confetti canons

Wedding at Oldwalls & Fairyhill, Swansea | Natalie & John

Oldwalls & Fairyhill collection hosted the stunning wedding of Natalie & John – Just wait until you see their wedding photography! It was such a beautiful day filled full of details, humorous speeches and celebration throughout the day… Even ending the night with a wedding conga!


Having known Natalie and John for a few years after photographing their friends at various wedding venues in South Wales, it was so great to capture their wedding photography at Oldwalls as a Swansea Wedding Photographer.


With Natalie getting ready at the luxury cottage, Mulberry House, and the guys, at Cerrig Glan just down the road the morning prep was in full swing, the sun eventually showed its face after an initial morning downpour. The girls were in full swing, with make-up and hair and some decent music playing too which sets the mood just right! Can’t deny there was a bit of bopping going on.


The guys appreciating the views over the Estury having some photos together ahead of heading over to the venue which you can see below. For the guys, it’s often a much quicker experience of getting ready, so you have to be quick documenting them. Captured some great little moments between John and his twin helping get ready too.


Wedding Ceremony at Oldwalls


Well, I don’t think I’ve quite seen the ceremony room quite as full as their wedding day. Clearly a popular couple, it was also great to scan the rows to see all the familiar faces too. Always nice to catch up with familiar guests and couples I’ve in the past photographed.


Natalie’s brother walked her down the aisle which was a very emotional moment for everyone. With Natalie also being a twin, it was no question that Michael, her brother would do the honour. As you can see by their photography below, the ceremony was gorgeous with lots of floral decorations by the forever amazing Eve Francesca. A few moments later, vows and rings exchanged and the register signed, the pair were officially married! – Time to party!



Reception and Photos


Oldwalls have a bit of a flow that has been perfected overtime and it helps my job too in arranging everyone. Once the ceremony is over everyone heads out to form 2 long lines to welcome the couple back through will handfuls of confetti poised and ready to pounce at the chance. This is also a great chance to capture the formal family photos which is always fun. Gives so much time to mingling and all important drinking and munching on the canapés.


With a break in the weather we were able to head to the pond for natural wedding photography at Oldwalls. It’s so important to have a small break and this is the perfect time to take it all in. Being December we lasted around 10 minutes before we all headed in to get warm and do more mingling. As much as photography is important, the day shouldn’t be full of photographs. Slowly weaving between groups of guests, it was great to have brief catch-ups with all the familiar faces at the wedding, chatting about recent exciting news and up coming weddings. This is part of what makes my job so special, it’s the forever meeting new and old friends, learning of people and making people happy!


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Wedding Speeches


With it being December, the speeches were scheduled for a little later in the day and they were certainly worth the wait. Tons of banter between the guys from rugby moments, the elusive stag do and some quality embarrassing moments thrown in too! You can make out the embarrassment on John’s face in a few of the images below.


The speeches is always a perfect time to really understand the couple and learn of why they are just so important to everyone around. It’s certainly one of my favourite parts of the day, definitely not for the fact the food is always amazing haha!


THAT first dance and fireworks


Bloomin’ eck! from now on, I’ll be suggesting confetti canons for the first dance every wedding. Makes for such a magical moment, ‘wow’ing’ everyone (incl me) and creating photography moments that are instantly unforgettable. It then followed with a 40+ length conga around the venue!


Then, to top it off, Natalie & John, surrounded by their guests, get to watch a great firework display to end the night! It’s a perfect way to conclude their wedding photography at Oldwalls too!



Here are their wedding photography at Oldwalls & Fairyhill collection



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  • Albert Palmer

    April 24, 2020 at 11:14 am

    Love that confetti shot on the dance floor!

    • Lewis Fackrell Photography

      April 29, 2020 at 10:51 pm

      Cheers Albert, it was pretty awesome… One of those moments where it all came together.

  • Marek

    April 28, 2020 at 1:38 pm

    Such a lovely wedding in a gorgeous setting, and captured beautifully! Those fireworks!

    • Lewis Fackrell Photography

      April 29, 2020 at 10:50 pm

      Cheers Marek, It was incredibly cold but the couple were having such a great time I don’t think they noticed. Ha

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