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pre-wedding photography at Llanerch Vineyard | Natalie & John

couple holding each other at Llanerch Vineyard wedding venue

pre-wedding photography at Llanerch Vineyard | Natalie & John

An Autumn woodland walk pre wedding photography at Llanerch Vineyard of Natalie & John taking in the scenery and stunning colours that this season has to offer at the wedding venue.


Pre wedding photography at Llanerch Vineyard is such a great idea for gorgeous photos. Did you know about their local woodland walk though, no? Then you should. Natalie & John decided to have their pre-wedding session there ahead of their wedding at Oldwalls, Gower on a crisp autumn morning. The colours and light was just a dream and to pair that with a great couple displaying their happiness and love including a little awkwardness was great!




Not sure what to wear for your pre-wedding photography session?


Both Natalie & John expressed their nervousness and a light bit of trepidation ahead of the photography at Llanerch Vineyard but they need not have worried! We shortly discovered that the 3 of us were each twins – Crazy! It’s so interesting what you can learn about people in such a short period of time, all of which helped to relax them and ease them into being incredibly natural in front of the camera, as I, gratiously get caught in nettles but that’s another story.


I highly recommend pre-wedding photography sessions for all couples as they really breaks any ice and awkwardness that could be lingering. It’s great fun and allows you to have some great photos of moments being just you in your favourite little spot in the area. – All packages include a pre-shoot as standard, they are just too good not to. I’m sure I’ll blog their wedding soon so keep a look out at it was such a great way to end the year!


Here are their pre-wedding Photography at Llanerch Vineyard highlights


If you’re planning a wedding at Llanerch Vineyard then please get in touch and I’d be happy to guide you through planning ideas and great little spots at the venue!

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