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Fonmon Castle wedding photography | Sophie & Simon

Fonmon castle wedding photography of the bride and groom under a tree at sunset

Fonmon Castle wedding photography | Sophie & Simon

Sophie & Simon hosted their Fonmon Castle wedding recently under the most gorgeous light anyone could have asked for! The day started beneath a grey blanket of cloud, the forecast was mixed… Come the ceremony time, the sky had cleared to reveal a stunning sun for the rest of the day.


I arrived on the morning to familiar territory at Sophie’s parents home. The same place Cecily, Sophies younger sister had her bridal preparations ahead of her wedding last September at Holm house. The atmosphere, so relaxed for the morning ahead of a wedding. With Sophie in the hot seat, having her hair dressed by the awesome Rachelle Gronow, surrounded by her bridesmaids and ‘bridesman’, Mike. Totally chilled vibes and tons more laughter was how the rest of the morning played out, which was perfect for me to capture and document as family passed in and out ahead of the ceremony.


The sun totally got his hat on by this point as Sophie was ready to rock to the church followed by the procession of the wedding party. With the church only a stones throw from their home, every step, nerves grew and a bigger smile shown. Welsh St Donats church filled ‘Here comes the sun’ played upon the brides arrival (rather fitting) and songs sung out. With the vows exchanged, the new Mr & Mrs Robinson were married! Woo! Celebrated with confetti thrown by their guests as they exited.


Lewis is so easy to get on with, which for us was super important as we wanted to be relaxed on our special day, safe in the knowledge a true professional was on hand to capture it all . He felt like part of the family by the end of our wedding day! Lewis has an exceptional talent for creating the most beautiful images which show all the tiny details of your day and which will last a lifetime.


Fonmon Castle wedding hosted their reception which was just a short drive away. This was the first time for me photographing here.  I was totally blown away! Such a stunning venue. The garden occupied by lawn games, guests and Django Rags – A jazz band, for their drinks reception on the lawn, and the occasional short haul flight flying into the local airport overhead.


Their wedding breakfast and speeches conducted in the main library which was one of the most romantic settings I have experienced. The speeches emotional, with Sophie & Simon deciding to deliver their own personal message via slideshow which was equally funny as it was a retrospective of their many years together. It was that good it was played back twice before the magician arrived to further entertain the wedding!


With such a relaxed atmosphere carried through the whole day, Sophie & Simon took the opportunity to walk through the allotment at Fonmon. The sun; golden, laying low in the sky, we got some stunning moments of them in their favourite place. The rest of the night ensued with their first dance shortly beginning and the most incredible burgers served by Bwytiful. The bride & groom seeing the night out with a classic race on spacehoppers which you can see below…


Here are their Fonmon Castle wedding photography highlights



Charlotte Joy

Rachelle Gronow

Rosa Clara & ASOS

Moss Bros & Next

Steve Ratcliffe

 and her Mum!

The Flower Hive

Boutique Disco

Magician  |  DJ Williams Magician

Jazz band  | Django Rags

Caterers  |  Spiros & Bwydiful

  • K Robinson

    June 7, 2018 at 4:36 pm

    Wonderful photos!

  • Les Hall

    June 8, 2018 at 8:54 am

    Beautiful pics of a lovely day. You also found some brilliant “secret” shots, capturing the essence of what people were thinking without them knowing you were even there! Well done.

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