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Coed-y-Mwstwr wedding photography | Laurie & Lee

Bride and groom getting confetti thrown over them after their wedding ceremony

Coed-y-Mwstwr wedding photography | Laurie & Lee

Coed-y-Mwstwr wedding venue in Bridgend hosted the emotional and exciting wedding of Laurie & Lee in October… Despite the weather being a little overcast; A silent disco certainly made up for it.


Coed-y-Mwstwr wedding venue is nestled on a hill side overlooking a vast area of the Vale of Glamorgan countryside. Surrounded by towering trees and a hive of activity from nature, the venue is a gorgeous place to celebrate a wedding day. I have been here over a dozen times now and each time I return to document another couples wedding, the landscape and stories are never the same, each so unique and incomparable yet faintly relatable…


Time and time again it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and details of a cake, table placements, and some decorations that guests won’t even notice – These are all forgotten over a short spell of time! It’s the personal relationships and connections, the way someone felt is what remains and Is ultimately most valued.


Memories are of people, and of the feelings for them, and this is why the connection between people are always at the heart of wedding photography, it has to be! I’m sure, when Laurie and Lee look back over their gallery and all married couples at that matter too in 10, 20, even 30 years the most important pictures are not of those of the cake, the shoes or the dress, it’s of people and how they made them feel.



There are some weddings that stand above all others, not because how much they spent or how extravagant it was. But because a personal moment at a strangers wedding touched me and it made me feel a comforting connection to them and their experience and emotion. This was no more of a perfect example than with Laurie’s relationship with her dad. Without going into details, we should never take any of our family or friends for granted. Make the most of them today!


Before I had began, Laurie explained to me that her relationship with her dad was the most precious thing and so, without hesitation, the ideas I’d pictured in my head for the couple through the day were totally forgotten. All I could think about was every moment between Laurie and her dad Paul on her wedding day from there on.



The Morning of the wedding


Both Laurie & Lee decided on getting ready at Coed-y-Mwstwr on the morning of their wedding. Lee being a little nervous and had a bit of camera shyness so I approached him in the final moments before he left his room.


The emotion of the day can never be fully anticipated and so in times like these it’s best to simply document these feelings attentively. Laurie the bride on the other hand seemed to be really enjoying the calmness of the morning supported by her 2 bridesmaids.


Ceremony & Wedding Reception


Laurie’s dad patiently waiting at the bottom of the stairs in anticipation walking her down the aisle. It was a little emotional for sure as he slowly led her into the ceremony towards a nervous Lee… and a fist pump!


The room has been beautifully decorated by The Secret Garden Florist with the ceiling also dressed. Looking incredible I must say. Serenading acoustic music sung by Jordan Marks perfectly complementing the ceremony. Rings exchanged, the register signed and the newly married couple proclaimed!


Due to the poor 2019 weather (I hope 2020 certainly makes up for it), canapés and drinks were served inside around a lovely warm open log fire. Autumn always brings people closer together, the benefit of all being inside is that there’s not much room to spread out so that in some funny way, it forces people to engage and have more of a good time together. We did manage to pop off for 20 minutes of portraits too which looked stunning with the seasonal colours and flowers that stuck around.


Evening Reception and that Silent Disco


I could just end it there with Silent Disco but I’ll come onto that in a second. Of course, the official opening of the evening reception starts with a first dance, Laurie & Lee seemed to have great fun whilst their entire wedding guest list watched… patiently awaiting the party of the season!


The dance floor was packed for the first half hour, a mix of 90’s and 00’s music filling the room which always makes me happy! Plenty of energy and excitement always great to document. That was until the silent disco was ready! Every guest got a set of headphones. Including me! Woo! Well, what came next can only be described as a rave. The dance floor was ram packed, all night! I have never seen such excitement and pure ecstasy… I have now started to suggest a Silent Disco to all weddings! Anyway before I digress any further…


Here are their Coed-y-Mwstwr wedding photography highlights


  • Sonia Audhali

    December 17, 2019 at 4:38 pm

    Great shots Lewis! Especially love the bridal preparation shots! Silent disco’s are so much fun!

  • Richard Skins

    December 19, 2019 at 3:30 pm

    You Can’t beat a silent disco! hope you were partying too Lewis! 🙂

    • Lewis Fackrell Photography

      April 29, 2020 at 10:54 pm

      I was, very hard haha! One of those where I stayed much longer than I’d planned!

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