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Winter Wonderland Cardiff Photography | Dani & Matt

Winter Wonderland pre-wedding photography in December

Winter Wonderland Cardiff Photography | Dani & Matt

Winter Wonderland in Cardiff this year is amazing for pre-wedding photography… The Christmas vibes, the cold dark evening and the fairy lights strung through the trees make it all look so festive!


Dani & Matt decided to have their pre-wedding photography session at Cardiff Winter Wonderland, first time doing a ‘night time’ pre-shoot which was exciting. Deciding not to make it all about photography, they got themselves some tokens to have some fun too.


Although somewhere like this is incredibly public, despite it being busy, Dani & Matt didn’t allow it to phase them. They got stuck in, having a great catch-up and talk about the wedding too. It’s always great to have this opportunity to get to know a couple ahead of their wedding.

“Thanks so much, they are amazing. Love them!”

Their wedding photography at Oldwalls is coming up soon and I’m super excited to document their day! Just fingers crossed that we get great weather, 2019 has let us down a little on that front this year. Hoping 2020 can be far better!


Here are their Winter Wonderland photography highlights

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