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The barn, west farm Ogmore wedding photography | Leigh & Ben

barn at west farm in ogmore with bride and groom on their wedding day

The barn, west farm Ogmore wedding photography | Leigh & Ben

Relaxed vibes, 12 groomsmen and bridesmaids, a wedding on the coast overlooking a perfect view. This wedding was a perfect welsh summer wedding!


Leigh & Ben hosted their wedding at The Barn, west farm Ogmore at the start of August. Peak summer time, clear skies, glass like sea and barely a breeze in the air, and that’s just the weather. The theme was rustic and a family vibe with the reception hosting afternoon tea & the accompaniment of a prosecco van!


The morning started out with Leigh and her bridesmaids hosted at The Old Wine House in Cowbridge. Hair & Make-up in full swing and excitement built as the clock slowly edged closer to 3pm. Their transport being a restored VW T2 which was absolutely gorgeous (I dream of owning a T2 one day). Perfect for heading down to the coast.


Live music played as the bridal party walked down the isle. In front of Ben, the groom and all of their guests in an intimate and fun ceremony at the barn. Celebrations were held in the yard with the most stunning views over the Severn estury. Lawn games, ice cream and an alcohol van occupied the guests for the afternoon ahead of the Afternoon tea wedding breakfast.


The new Mr & Mrs Barclay and I headed down to the coast for portraits briefly via the T2 (I was like a little kid), Of course, being a Saturday, peak summer, the beach was packed! So I had Leigh & Ben have a few moments by themselves as they walked the costal path and embraced each other following their vows – I left them to it as I snapped away as they were utterly perfect as such the view. Onlookers congratulated the couple and tooted their horn as they passed by but they took it in their stride.


It was back to the venue to continue their celebrations and to host their afternoon tea and speeches under bunting hung in the marquee. The evening continued with lawn games played including beer pong and an evening stroll along the cliff under the golden setting sun…


Here are their Barn, West farm Ogmore wedding photography highlights


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