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Sugar Loaf Barn wedding photography | Rosie & Rhys

Sugar Loaf barn with bride and groom at the front of the barn

Sugar Loaf Barn wedding photography | Rosie & Rhys

Sugar loaf barn hosted the wedding of Rosie & Rhys in August and damn I was excited for their wedding… You’ll see why through the images. The wedding was just packed full of celebration, detail and love from everyone! I absolutely loved my first wedding photography at Sugar load barn too!


The Bridal prep


Ahead of their Sugar loaf barn wedding. I starting the day in Newport at Rosie’s family home. Bridal prep was in full flow, Jenna McDonnell was on hair and make-up duty seeing to all the girls. I couldn’t help but see that the family are well travelled with the subtle nods at wall art and books around the home. Of course, one of my favourite topics, Italy came up, Rob the brides father and I chatted about the various places we had visited and wanting to visit there. It’s always nice to made to feel so welcome by families in their home, it’s too easy to do a Homer Simpson and slowly creep back to a wall or shaded area not to feel so conspicuous. But it’s about being part of the wedding and helping where possible. Photography is about the connection with the subject, it’s always important to make people feel relaxed and comfortable in your company. 

Rosie had a surprise to finally share. As an incredibly thoughtful gesture She had secretly hired a Citroen 2CV in cream, almost identical to the one that her parents Rob & Yvette had for their wedding. Of course, it was a joy for them to be thrown back down memory lane and they couldn’t believe it! I must admit that was a pretty special moment and so personal!

It was back into the house to finish off and get dressed ahead of the wedding of the year! The nerves beginning to build and everyone at their prep stations, I could roam on the landing area and in each room there was a different person at a various stages of getting ready. Final touches to Rosie the brides dress and it was away we go. Her parents and all bridesmaids all eagerly awaiting Rosie’s descent down the stairs and ensued a very emotional moment… I’ll leave the pics do the talking.


The Church & Ceremony


Arriving at the church, Rhys waiting patiently and a little nervously outside with the groomsmen and the rest of his ‘butties’. Guests still rushing in to a jam packed pews. Not long later, The 2CV was sighted and the arrival of Rosie and her parents imminent.

Rhys waiting at the top of the aisle, supported by his best men as the choir sung the bridesmaids in, and leading the way ahead of Rosie and Rob’s slow walk down the aisle. The ceremony was very traditional, a choir singing the hymns which always goes down well and readings from family members with Leah, Rhys’s sister reading in Welsh. Ring exchanges and the ‘I do’s’ done it was onto being blessed and signing the register.

The couple exited to their guests all throwing an ample handful of confetti over them, excellent effort for sure! A few formal photos and then we were then onto a short journey up to Sugar Loaf Barn for the reception to begin.



The Reception


Canapés and alcohol on the lawn with some incredible views down the valley was a sure way to celebrate. It was a first time being a wedding photographer at Sugar Loaf barn, the venue blew me away such an exciting place. Their attention to detail, the set up and their tractor bus is genius! Not to mention the buggy ride to the top of the mountain for portraits which were mind blowing.

Sugar Loaf barn is certainly a personal venue. The couple had thought about every little details and decoration which filled every corner of the place. Fairy lights, hay bales and so much floral arrangements. All of which added lots of personality and colour to their wedding reception and speeches.

We headed up to the top of the mountain for 20 minutes of portraits and a chance for the couple to compose and take it all in. I let them do their thing and relax and just be themselves, no posing necessary! I also managed to bring a bottle of prosecco too for a light celebratory ‘shower’ before we headed back via several fields at the farm.


The first dance and THAT party


The first dance kicked off the evening wedding celebrations with what ensued after I can only describe as a ‘dance-off fest!’ It was filled all night. ‘That Cover Band‘ provided the excellent music and vibe which followed an impromptu rap solo by one of the guests which was insane, that guy has talent! With a surprise tribute from the bridesmaids on stage after that. Ending the night with a pizza was a great way to book end an incredible day!


Thank you to Rosie & Rhys once again for having me as your Sugar Loaf Barn wedding photographer!



Here are their Sugar Loaf Barn wedding photography highlights




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  • Tommy

    September 10, 2019 at 1:39 pm

    Lovely work Lewis very consistant throughout. Looks like a lovely venue too.

  • Kim Gribbon

    September 10, 2019 at 1:40 pm

    Brilliant set of images here Lewis! Loved the shot of the couple immediately outside of the church – and the champagne bottle opening!!!

  • Mark Leonard

    September 12, 2019 at 12:17 pm

    Great work Lewis! Looks like a fun wedding.

  • Ashley Davenport

    September 12, 2019 at 1:19 pm

    Lovely collection of images Lewis – Awesome job!! I bet the couple LOVE them!

  • Marek Troszczynski

    September 16, 2019 at 2:47 pm

    Aww what a happy wedding and you captured it beautifully Lewis!

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