Rhossili, Gower wedding photography | Sophie & Sam

Walking in a field of sunflowers at Rhossili, gower photography

Rhossili, Gower wedding photography | Sophie & Sam

Sophie & Sam joined me for their Rhossili, Gower photography in the most stunning setting overlooking the coast in a field of sunflowers with the summer setting sun.

A friend messaged to let me know that a rare field of sunflowers had suddenly bloomed in one of the most incredible locations in Wales, Rhossili. Overlooking worms head with the sunset on the horizon I couldn’t resist. Sophie & Sam joined me for their engagement photo session having recently booked me for their wedding photography at Holm House in Penarth next year.

I was amazed as we arrived… mainly as I pictured them to be… taller. They were knee height. Non the less they looked incredible. We were careful not to damage the flowers to preserve their natural beauty as I positioned Sophie & Sam in front of the camera.

What a view! They were just so perfect to photograph, the couple that is. Genuine happiness and playfulness is exactly what a shoot like this is all about.  Which you’ll be able to see below.

Here are their Rhossili, Gower photography highlights


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