Pre-wedding session at Brecon Beacons | Carrie & Cliff | Cardiff Photographer

A few weeks ago,  Carrie & Cliff joined me ahead of their wedding. This was for their pre-wedding photo shoot before their wedding in Lake Como, Italy. We met in the Brecon Beacons national park, alongside a calm and tranquil lake and amongst tall and dense woodland. It was an almost perfect setting for their photo shoot, only to be beat by being in Italy instead.


Both Carrie & Cliff expressed how they enjoy the relaxed and natural style of photography, they were looking to have a set of images that showed them ‘as they are’. Starting with a brief walk getting to know them a little more, easing gently into the photography side of things. We were able to not only cover a lot of ground, in the respect of getting to know them more, capture lots of candid images but also many, many meters of trail.


I am thoroughly looking forward to flying to Italy to photograph such a grounded, in love and beautiful couple. It really has been a pleasure getting to know them as much as I have already. Their ceremony will be situated in the Laglio region of Lake Como which is situated on the West side of the lake. 


Here are some of the images from their session.

Lewis-Fackrell-Photography-Wedding-Photographer-Cardiff-Swansea-Bristol-Newport-Pre-wedding-photoshoot-Carrie-Cliff-italy-wedding-September--1 Lewis-Fackrell-Photography-Wedding-Photographer-Cardiff-Swansea-Bristol-Newport-Pre-wedding-photoshoot-Carrie-Cliff-italy-wedding-September--2 Lewis-Fackrell-Photography-Wedding-Photographer-Cardiff-Swansea-Bristol-Newport-Pre-wedding-photoshoot-Carrie-Cliff-italy-wedding-September--3 Lewis-Fackrell-Photography-Wedding-Photographer-Cardiff-Swansea-Bristol-Newport-Pre-wedding-photoshoot-Carrie-Cliff-italy-wedding-September--4 Lewis-Fackrell-Photography-Wedding-Photographer-Cardiff-Swansea-Bristol-Newport-Pre-wedding-photoshoot-Carrie-Cliff-italy-wedding-September--5 Lewis-Fackrell-Photography-Wedding-Photographer-Cardiff-Swansea-Bristol-Newport-Pre-wedding-photoshoot-Carrie-Cliff-italy-wedding-September--6 Lewis-Fackrell-Photography-Wedding-Photographer-Cardiff-Swansea-Bristol-Newport-Pre-wedding-photoshoot-Carrie-Cliff-italy-wedding-September--7 Lewis-Fackrell-Photography-Wedding-Photographer-Cardiff-Swansea-Bristol-Newport-Pre-wedding-photoshoot-Carrie-Cliff-italy-wedding-September--8 Lewis-Fackrell-Photography-Wedding-Photographer-Cardiff-Swansea-Bristol-Newport-Pre-wedding-photoshoot-Carrie-Cliff-italy-wedding-September--9 Lewis-Fackrell-Photography-Wedding-Photographer-Cardiff-Swansea-Bristol-Newport-Pre-wedding-photoshoot-Carrie-Cliff-italy-wedding-September--10 Lewis-Fackrell-Photography-Wedding-Photographer-Cardiff-Swansea-Bristol-Newport-Pre-wedding-photoshoot-Carrie-Cliff-italy-wedding-September--11


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