Pre-wedding photo session | Caz & David | South Wales

Caz david pre wedding canada lodge summer wedding

Pre-wedding photo session | Caz & David | South Wales

Caz & David had their pre-wedding photo session over the weekend ahead of their wedding at Canada Lodge & Lake. They decided on a very secluded woodland walk which they introduced me to right there. I’ve never visited been and can’t understand how I haven’t been already. I think I’ve now found my new walking place.


They were no exception to the nerves and awkwardness that each couple experiences on their pre-wedding photo session. I mean, how often do you turn your PDA dial to 100%?! Caz & David got straight into it, laughing loads and having a great time. They brought their dog Hendrix and Davids daughter too which was lovely. Little bit attached to Hendrix already and i’ve already offered to walk him.


Here are their pre-wedding photo session highlights!


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