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Oldwalls wedding photographers, South Wales | Ffion & James

Oldwalls wedding photography of Bride and groom at oldwalls gower for their wedding in May

Oldwalls wedding photographers, South Wales | Ffion & James

Oldwalls wedding venue was looking spectacular for Ffion & James’ wedding a few weeks ago. The weather gods did a great job in making the sun stick around all day. So many awesome moments from the day it’s hard to put it into words and a highlights blog of 100 images but I’ll give it a go!


I joined Ffion and the bridesmaids in the morning at Mulberry House which is one of Oldwalls’ beautiful residence. Absolutely gorgeous barn overlooking the venue which oozes character. The girls were getting ready with Jenna focusing on the girls hairs and Jemma with the make-up. There was such a great atmosphere throughout the morning, with classic and current big hits playing throughout. It certainly kept things fun and exciting as I documented their prep. With James the groom and his groomsmen turning up a little later just ahead of the ceremony. 


It was almost time for their Oldwalls wedding ceremony, the girls arriving in style via the venue Merc with James poised at the top of the aisle surrounded by their family and guests. The doors opening and the bridesmaids walk down the aisle in turn, Ffion begins but her veil got caught by one of the lanterns along the edge. Certainly broke the ice and had everyone laughing, the moment set up the ceremony perfectly with lots of laughter and smiles all round. Having exchanged vows and rings, they were married. Exiting to a pretty long confetti tunnel where they got absolutely covered in the stuff.



Deciding to stick with only a handful of guest photos (Read why no more than a handful is plenty here), we then headed to the field behind the venue for their ‘couple portraits’ where, for 20 minutes they laughed and just enjoyed the time alone together, making my job super easy with absolutely no posing anywhere. The venue boasts of beautiful scenery showing off part of the Gower countryside at its finest. A stunning backdrop for their photos for sure.


With guests enjoying the day and catching up with each other and appreciating the view in glorious weather it sure was a gorgeous day all round. It’s always so nice to document these little moments at the wedding that often go unnoticed. That’s until the gallery is completed and the day relived over again. I’d been looking forward to their wedding from the moment they booked me. But especially since their pre-wedding photo session had I got a chance to really understand their vibe as a couple, in one word – Laughter!


Following on from the reception, the speeches were hilarious. Sometimes some personal jokes will go over my head but others, I’m laughing just as hard as some of the guests. The speeches can reveal some of the most intimate memories and moments of someone’s lives and it’s just fantastic to witness and document. Just like the rest of their wedding day at Oldwalls; more laughter, celebrations, partying and the fireworks. 


Here are their Oldwalls wedding photographers highlights


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