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How to give a perfect best man speech

How to give a perfect best man speech

Jitters, butterflies what about panicking? Does this sound like the feelings you’re experiencing while you think and prepare for your best man speech? Don’t panic, it will be all good, whatever you do don’t panic! Here’s a step by step guide on planning and writing your perfect toast to the newly crowned married couple…


The 10 tips to win your way to the best man speech ever!



1 – Think about the task ahead

It’s important that your mindset is in the right place(pssssstttt – best man speech contains light-hearted fun jokes and laughs), it’s not the monthly meeting with the board members, it’s a social event in front of lots of friend and family in a relaxed & casual atmosphere. The best man speech is the last of the Best man duties and almost likely the most significant.


2 – Do your home work early

Prepare, plan ahead and rehearse your best man speech and know what you have to say, don’t be that guy to give an impromptu speech slurring, mumbling and wishing your life away very quickly. Get ahead of yourself and recall vital parts of your bond with each other, write jokes, heck why not write a poem, that’s sure to go down well!



3 – Make it personal

There are thousands of YouTube videos, advice and books full of idea’s, inspiration and relief of disaster wedding speeches, hearing their reactions can give you a firm benchmark of what works well and what doesn’t… but don’t forget to tailor it to your groom’s wedding!


4 – Break it down…

1 – Introductions and ice-breakers – Start with introducing yourself to those who don’t know you. Then you can ease into the ice breaker one liners, just know when and how to deliver them… well.

2 – Anecdote & Praises – Say them with conviction and be confident in your anecdotes the worst that’ll happen is that people may laugh at you, unlikely though. Be sincere when you praise those who have a little something to be thanked for, It’ll go far further if you look at them than your piece of shrivelled paper.

3 – Congratulations – You can congratulate the couple at this point. Tell them how proud you are and how much you think you look better than the groom (don’t do that unless you want a roasting). Wish them well too for the future.

4 – The main event – Now you can go all out on his previous embarrassing dating stories and great moments you can recall together, ending on a high by flattering the bride about how great she looks and all that jazz.


5 – Add a little Humour

Everyone Likes humour and that’s no exception for weddings! Try to drop in some one-liners, maybe a funny slideshow, it should break the ice and take the pressure off you for a few moments. Funny stories are sure to go down a storm with the bride and groom! How about some useful advice for the future?



6 – K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid)

Keep your speech short and sweet, quality than quantity and all that! Don’t over do it, no more than 5-10 minutes or the guests will be eyeing up the exit!


7 – Toasting the main attraction

Don’t forget the bride! The best man speech is completely aimed at humoring the groom but be sure to pay a little gesture to the beautiful bride sat next to the very person you’re aiming your jokes at!


8 – Don’t drink too much

A little Dutch courage is ok, but you don’t want to embarrass yourself by falling over or begin… yeah, let’s leave that thought there, You can drink all the beers after just not before, concentration and the right moment is key if you want your punch line to go down well with lots of laughter!



9 – Practice your speech

Find a quiet spot at the local park or beach and practice saying your speech out loud, you will become more natural on the day rather than slightly wooden and having to revisit your notes every other word.


10 – Relax, It’s done

Have a beer once it’s over, you won’t have to even pull your wallet out as everyone will be wanting to buy you a beverage for smashing it!



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There are plenty of websites available, I highly recommend The Best Man Speech Full of ideas, advice, inspiration and there is a fantastic tool to really tailor your speech to truly blow away the guests and hit a home run!


Best of luck!

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