Hollie & Steve | Pre-wedding photo shoot | Dyffryn Gardens

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Hollie & Steve | Pre-wedding photo shoot | Dyffryn Gardens

Dyffryn Gardens was the setting for Hollie & Steve for their pre-wedding photo shoot. They decided on a garden landscape to mirror that of their amazing venue, Thoresby Hall in Nottingham. This was also the first time that we met in person, having Skype’d eachother before hand.

Hollie & Steve were a little nervous to begin with but soon put at ease in the comfort of Steve’s, debatably funny jokes! As we walked around the gardens, I got to learn of the couples plans for their wedding day. Fireworks, Sparklers, a bride speech and an incredible venue! I was getting very excited! With the summer underway, the flowers had bloomed with full colour on display making for beautiful scenery and backdrops.


Here is a few images from their pre-wedding photo shoot at Dyffryn Gardens


A pre-wedding photo shoot is a perfect way to feel relaxed in front of the camera ahead of the wedding. If you are looking to get married and would love to book a pre-wedding photo shoot, please get in touch! Would love to hear from you!

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