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An autumn wedding is always a favourite on my yearly calendar. The crisp cold mornings, the warm oranges, reds and yellows of the leaves shuffling in the light winds. How could I not mention the golden low laying sunlight as it shone on the red bricked Coed-y-Mwstwr Hotel


Hannah & Jack got married at the Coed-y-Mwstwr hotel situated on the side of the hill in Bridgend. The open fire alight, the rich smell of burning wood against the cold morning. It was a perfect setting for a great wedding. I arrived to find Hannah and her bridesmaids tucking into pastries and prosecco while taking it in turns to have their make-up and hair done. The whole morning was a very relaxed affair, laughter, light music in the background and peach hoops (sugary sweets), so yummy! I met Jack who had already prepared at their home in Cardiff Bay at the front of the Hotel, cool, calm and collected as he always is, I was able to capture a few great moments between him and his best men as they finalised their attire, joked around and generally enjoyed each others company ahead of the ceremony.


Their Ceremony was set in the small ceremony room situated in the main Hotel. Emotion, beautifully worn proudly on both the faces of the bride and her mum as they walked in the room. The ceremony was sealed with a fist pump into the air and the playing of Hooked on a feeling by Swede of course from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, to tie in with their comic book theme wedding.


An emotional wedding breakfast with the bride, grooms dad, best men and even the bride giving a speech.  All of which were outdone by the embarrassing photo of a youthful groom, which was rather funny! The evening came to an end with a stunning first dance, epic dancing from all of the guests. The surprise of the night was a Star Wars style duel off with real* lightsabres (*the best I’ve ever seen). Of course, Jack was the Sith Lord wielding the red lightsabre with Hannah mastering the light side. As a Cardiff wedding photographer, that was a first for me! in touch if you’re


Here are their wedding photography highlights

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