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Bryngarw Country Park Pre-Wedding Session | Eden & Conor

pre-wedding session

Bryngarw Country Park Pre-Wedding Session | Eden & Conor

Eden & Conor had their pre-wedding photo session in the most stunning Bryngarw Country Park in Bridgend this week ahead of their wedding at the end of May.


The couple suggested one of their favourite places and rightly so, it was fantastic! The leaves on the trees and flowers had all flourished giving such a vivid and colourful backdrop to their session. It was so good to get right back into the swing of things including having to dodge the weather which let’s be honest has been shocking throughout May.


Eden made no bones about it, she was incredibly nervous, which you obviously can’t tell in the moments captured. I always make sure the couple are comfortable and relaxed rather than just sticking a camera in their face from the get go.


We had a really good chat about pretty much everything during the session which was great including loads of laughter which always helps make the session so much fun! I’m now looking forward to their wedding… which is the first wedding of the year for me, yep, at the end of May, can’t believe it!



Here are their Bryngarw Country Park pre-wedding session highlights…


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