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Brecon pre-wedding photography | Sarah & Matt

manor hotel brecon pre-wedding photography

Brecon pre-wedding photography | Sarah & Matt

Sarah & Matt had their Brecon pre-wedding photography at the weekend ahead of their wedding at the scenic Manor Hotel in Brecon.


What a day they picked, the weather; gorgous with a gentle breeze in the air and the lake as still as glass, as it lapped over the bank.


We had such great fun on this shoot and talked about how Sarah & Matt regularly spend a lot of their time in the Brecon Beacons. All having a shared interest in fitness, cycling and walking in the countryside. Matt also gave us his finest impression of the Sherminator from American Pie – very credible! haha. They totally nailed their session, I know I say that about most couples I blog but seriously… I may even get them in front of the camera more often. Totally natural and just enjoyed every moment for what it was – Fun, relaxed and a chance to be silly in front of the person you adore… ohh and me!


Sarah & Matt get married at The Manor hotel in Brecon in the autumn so do check back for the highlights from their wedding! I have a feeling it’s going to include some pretty epic photography of the couple (of course) with the lush beacons in the background in its autumnal coat!


Here are their Brecon pre-wedding photography highlights



If you or you know a beautiful couple who are getting married, or simply would love to have a couples session like Sarah & Matt. Please get in touch, I would love to hear from you!

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