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Best wedding photography of Fireworks at Oldwalls Gower

2021 Best wedding photography highlights

Here we go, my best wedding photography moments of 2021 – Well that was a bit of a rollercoaster year right?! The amazing moments equally matched by the pressures of the hangover from 2020. The relentless yo-yo’ing of restrictions impacting the country and life events such as weddings through the first part of the main season! Alas, we got going again and it’s safe to say it was a busy one. Cramming a whole year’s work into 5 months was a challenge, mentally and physically. Going from 0-100 in no time at all was a real tester for the entire industry. Thankfully we seem to be out of the worst of it now finally closing the door on 2021 with a very sunny future ahead!


“If it’s one thing I take away from 2021 it’s that no matter what you have in life, the sole fulfilment to being is the connections you hold with others.”


I’ve been reflecting as I do each year. On my work, the experiences and the journey I go on in meeting new people, and their stories that I’m so fortunate to be a part of and to document. I think this ‘best wedding photography highlights‘ has been the hardest yet. Too many incredible moments, a broad range of emotions including the details not many people ever notice to cram into a few minutes of a slideshow. It’s taken far longer than I care to admit but I think I got there with a selection of some of my favourite moments for all matter of reasons.


Some people this year have really touched me and allowed me to reflect on how I appreciate things, how I see the connections and relationships between people, including my own with myself. We can never quite fully anticipate what our life may look like but we can certainly have a good time in experiencing the journey! If it’s one thing I take away from 2021 it’s that no matter what you have in life, the sole fulfilment to being is the connections you hold with others.


Looking forward


I’m continually widening my range of knowledge and forever seeking new inspiration, I have never been more hungry to push further and harder with more determination that ever before to learn new perspectives and solidify old ground; Being inspired to lay down even more foundations for an incredible future. The business is developing into something I can truly be proud of (with announcements coming soon no doubt). The next 10 years are going to allow me to reimagine my ideas of success and how I can help others on their path to fulfilling their potential too. I’m so ready to widen my horizons and to venture into new areas of my business with fresh ways of thinking! Perhaps slightly cryptic, but it will be announced once it’s ready, a few creases to iron out first!


Anyway, I won’t bore you any further with my philosophical and thought provoking words as I look back on the previous 12 months. Instead, I’ll leave you with a selection of my favourite wedding photography moments set to some generic licensed music to hopefully share my view on my year.


Here’s my best wedding photography highlights 2021

If you prefer to take your time to look over the photos, you can do so here instead.

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