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Cosmeston Lakes was a fantastic location for the first pre-wedding photoshoot session of 2017. I was joined by Stefanie & Max who are getting married in February at the Canada Lake and lodge. It was Stefanie who suggested we headed to the lakes. This was the place she hung out a lot when she was younger, she even showed me her hideouts. Although the weather was glorious with the low laying sun shining bright, it was bitterly cold.

During the pre-wedding photo shoot, I was able to get to know the couple much more and in turn made them feel relaxed and at ease with me with a large camera pointing in their direction. They decided to bring their dog Chester who was fantastic, although he challenged every dog, even the big ones In the images that he’s not in, it’s actually me that’s holding him and taking the photo, talent for sure, could that be a new package offer, jokes aside I loved the little addition to the session!


Here are some of their images from their pre-wedding photo shoot session


Pre-wedding-engagement-photoshoot-cosmeston-lake-Cardiff-wedding-photography-23 Pre-wedding-engagement-photoshoot-cosmeston-lake-Cardiff-wedding-photography-20 Pre-wedding-engagement-photoshoot-cosmeston-lake-Cardiff-wedding-photography-17 Pre-wedding-engagement-photoshoot-cosmeston-lake-Cardiff-wedding-photography-15 Pre-wedding-engagement-photoshoot-cosmeston-lake-Cardiff-wedding-photography-14 Pre-wedding-engagement-photoshoot-cosmeston-lake-Cardiff-wedding-photography-13 Pre-wedding-engagement-photoshoot-cosmeston-lake-Cardiff-wedding-photography-10 Pre-wedding-engagement-photoshoot-cosmeston-lake-Cardiff-wedding-photography-4 Pre-wedding-engagement-photoshoot-cosmeston-lake-Cardiff-wedding-photography-4 Pre-wedding-engagement-photoshoot-cosmeston-lake-Cardiff-wedding-photography-4


If you are planning your wedding or would like to have your own pre-wedding photo shoot session. Please get in touch, I would love to hear from you!


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