Oxwich Bay Wedding | Stacey & Robert | Swansea, South Wales wedding photography


Oxwich Bay Wedding | Stacey & Robert | Swansea, South Wales wedding photography


An Oxwich bay wedding is that which has an abundance of stunning views, clear sounds of waves slowly lapping and the celebrations of a stunning pastel and ocean themed wedding! Let’s start of by saying this was the hottest day of the year, with the heat beating down and the weather only getting hotter, it’s fair to say it was going to be a good day! That being said, Stacey stayed in her wedding dress and Rob in his suit the entire day… With tempretures reaching 30 degrees it could have been mistaken for a wedding abroad in the mediterranean!


I arrived at Oxwich Bay Hotel in the morning joining the bridal party at their preperations. The young bridesmaids laying on the bed as they eached watched YouTube videos of cartoons and doll playing. The bay windows of the bridal suite open, the crisp sounds of the sea and birds chirping in the trees. Jenna the hair & make-up artist doing her thing in the corner of the room as they each take turns to be worked on. Watching Jenna do her thing was great, she’s a true artist and the attention to detail was fantastic. As the bridal party continuted to slowly get ready and enjoy the time together, I joined Rob and his groomsmen as they prepared a make shift sign for guests to follow down the winding roads.


As you can imagine on the hottest day of the year the Oxwich bay wedding was very hot! If there was a fan or cooling device, it was being used. The ceremony room warmed by the concentraded light from the skylights above as the sun passed over. The bridesmaids were played down the aisle by a saxaphone playing by the amazing Sister Sax. The bride followed as she walked hand in hand with her father. Decorated well, the wedding breakfast & reception was adorned in the theme of sea shells, pastel peach and table themes set to the couples favourite world wide locations including Hawaii and New York. The room looked incredible and I found myself looking at all the tiniest of details and different shells that had been collected.


For their portraits, Stacey and Rob were keen to head to the beach. With the good weather it brought a drove of tourists, flocking and swamping the beach… “Noooooooooo!” As a wedding photographer, I had to call on my creative skills to get the beach images without the tourists. Instead we decided to head to the dunes away from the crowd. Later in the evening we fulfilled the opportunity to walk the couple along the coast. The beach clear, the slowly setting sun over the venue, shadows becoming longer and the sea receeding. The begining of the wedding party shortly commenced as the day turned to night.


Here are a few of the highlights from their Oxwich Bay wedding…



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  • Paul

    July 19, 2017 at 8:21 am

    Awesome quality and professional work.

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