Ogmore pre-wedding photo shoot | Bryony & James

Ogmore pre-wedding photoshoot Ogmore wedding couple hold and kiss in front of daisies

Ogmore pre-wedding photo shoot | Bryony & James

Bryony & James met me last week for their Ogmore pre-wedding photo shoot ahead of their wedding in October. Loving the idea of a coastal feel to their images mixed with lush green gardens. Ogmore was the perfect location! Being very nervous I relaxed them by walking around for a little getting to know them a little more, we eased them in gently and before they know it they rocked it!

The winds gusty and sea choppy we were in for some raw and windswept images, my vision didn’t dissapoint. We got upclose to the crashing waves (at a safe distance) and embraced the freshness of the coastal elements…


Here are the highlights from their Ogmore pre-wedding photo shoot.


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