New House hotel pre-wedding photography | Stacey & Scott

New House Hotel pre-wedding photography of couple in field at sunset

New House hotel pre-wedding photography | Stacey & Scott

Stacey & Scott had their New house hotel pre-wedding photography session recently. We decided to have it at the same location as their wedding.

The weather was perfect and decided to hop the fence and into the meadow under the golden setting sun. I’d passed in the morning and the field was looking perfect, long, wild, tall grass, by the afternoon the entire land had been cut… noooooooooo! Thankfully there were some awesome old trees which was perfect instead.

Of course, as all couples are; Stacey & Scott were quite shy and so we had a bit of a chat about their wedding to ease them into their photo session. Great to get to know them much more and discuss their plans for the big day.


Here are their New House hotel pre-wedding photography highlights


If you’re planning on having a New house hotel wedding then please get in touch. I’d be delighted to hear from you and discuss your plans and share your excitement.


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