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Carrie & Cliff | Lake Como, Italy | Wedding photographer Cardiff


Carrie & Cliff | Lake Como, Italy | Wedding photographer Cardiff

Italy wedding. I could leave it there and just show the images but so much that happened, how could I!. Cliff & Carrie got married at the most amazing venue I have ever photographed. Villa Regina Teodolinda, in the Laglio region, it was simply stunning, overlooking the steep, lush mountain past the blue shallow waves of the lake itself, my jaw failed to raise for quite some time. The venue was the perfect location for the wedding of Carrie and Cliff, who very kindly flew me out with their family, ahead of me photographing their wedding and their ‘Pizza party’ on the eve of their wedding day. I quickly settled in by being given a tour of the venue, of course, I also had the obligatory dip in the lake, OK, it was more of a graceful dive into a very cold, yet stunning lake.


The day of their wedding, I was rudely awoken by the loudest and biggest thunder and lightning storm I believe I have ever seen… At 4am! The forecast wasn’t looking good. Non the less the optimism was high. As I arrived Carrie had begun to get ready, Cliff was relaxed walking around in his dressing gown, anticipating the day ahead. Through the morning, I dipped into the rooms of the bridal party, and the room where Cliff and his son Tom were getting ready. The longer the morning drew out the clearer the skies were becoming, as the ceremony was to be an outside ceremony all fingers and toes were crossed.


The ceremony was kept indoors in case of the weather turning. It was very difficult for me to take a bad image, the venue was simply beautiful! The ceremony was nothing short of gorgeous. Having being conducted by the local Mayor (which is tradition in Italy) added the authenticity of an Italy wedding. Following their wedding ceremony, the couple were greeted by guests tossing confetti and cheering with glasses of celebratory Champagne.


By mid-day the weather had cleared and the sun was shining, horah! The big surprise of the day was the use of a speed boat and boat bus for the guests. We sailed along the southern part of the lake passing the vast mountains. Passing villas perched on the edge of the lake, it was breathtaking. We even passed the ex-villas of George Clooney and the via of Italian designer Versace. Which were both very impressive homes, to say the least.


Along with the epic food that was created and beautifully presented,  the rest of the wedding was stunning. I feel like I’m running out of amazing words to use here… I just can’t put into words how fantastic this wedding was. As a Cardiff Wedding Photographer in the UK, weddings such as these don’t happen often. I’ll almost certainly remember this wedding for all of my career.  I’ll leave you with some highlight images of Cliff & Carries Italy wedding.

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