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Engagement photography | Charlotte & Johnny | Three Cliffs Bay, Gower

engagement photography three cliffs bay

Engagement photography | Charlotte & Johnny | Three Cliffs Bay, Gower

The Gower is an epic place, therefore there is no other location for a engagement photography! I was joined by Charlotte & Johnny ahead of their wedding which is held in July at St Thomas Church & Coed-y-Mwstwr in Bridgend. We walked over to Three Cliffs Bay. A popular beauty spot and of course, with its iconic ‘three cliffs‘, wind swept sand dunes, snaking estuary and overall an incredible scenery. Oxwich bay hotel in the distance also sharing the vista of the Gower.


Charlotte & Johnny were total naturals. I walked a few paces behind as they walked on. It was like they knew exactly what to do, they held eachother, taking in the moment and enjoying the views. Embracing eachother through the session as I ran around capturing their awesomeness from a variety of perspectives. This place is a total playground for everyone. It’s somewhere I visit as often as possible and yet each return presents itself with a totally different atmosphere!


Coming away from this engagement photography session didn’t end so well… I got to the car and said my goodbyes, in that moment the doors locked, the camera on the front seat accompanied by my keys. Windows locked and being in the middle of no where, I found a plethora of wires and other tools to attempt to free my keys. I had many concerend on lookers. I finally managed to hook my keys from the clip and pulled the key through the window seal. Phewww!


Here is a few highlights from their engagement photography session…

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