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Sarah & David | Cottrell Park Wedding, Cardiff

Cottrell Park wedding photography of couple walking out of the church

Sarah & David | Cottrell Park Wedding, Cardiff

A church wedding followed by their reception at Cottrell park golf course with lawn games, a flower stall and handmade decorations. Sarah & David had the best wedding day! 


I joined Sarah at her parents home in Barry where her bridesmaids and parents were getting ready. The brides dad about to leave for a last minute dash to a bridal shop as they had misplaced the top piece of Sarah’s dress. D’ohh! Thankfully the rest of the day was perfect! The couple got married at the All Saints Church in Barry. Followed by their wedding reception at Cottrell Park Golf club which was a first for me! What a great setting with the greenery of the golf course as the main backdrop. 

The reception was totally relaxed and chilled out with lawn games, hay to sit on and cocktails to knock back! Sarah… and David carefully had the venue decorated with a lot of handmade decorations which looked awesome as you’ll see shortly. This included a ‘pick your own posy’ stall which the guests loved, a twist on the usual wedding attendee, a sweet stall.

With the weather being so perfect and the sun laying low, it was a perfect time for the bride and groom to have their wedding photography portraits. We headed over to the golden lit long grass giving the couple the chance to ‘sneak off’ (anything but) for 10 minutes alone. Sadly the master plan of using the golf caddies that were prepped earlier had their batteries emptied and therefore a no go! 🙁 So we had to walk instead.

It time to then head back to the evening reception at their Cottrell park wedding where their evening guests had begun to arrive to attend the party! There were some serious shapes created on that dance floor this evening! Skills I can only capture and one day try recreate with dignity. Also got to see one of the brides I’ll be photographing next year as a guest, always a pleasure to bump into couples I’ll be and have photographed…


Here are their Cottrell Park Wedding photography highlights…


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