10 Questions to ask when considering wedding venues

Wedding Venues in South Wales

10 Questions to ask when considering wedding venues

You’ve begun to consider where you’d like to get married, wedding venues all offer something different and no two venues are the same… These are the questions you should consider asking at whilst considering wedding venues.


1. Is your date free?

You could plan everything around your choice of wedding venues, but if it’s not free for your desired date, you would have wasted a lot of time booking and planning things to fill it, you may find a particular wedding venue that may not be your first choice, but can provide so much more in terms of inspiration and services that you may have had to arrange with and pay for with an alternative venue.


2. Think of your guests!

Can Auntie Ivy or the distant cousins that you’ve only met on Facebook get to the wedding venues easily? With the rise of teepee and marquee weddings it’s no surprise some of these locations are more rural, so be sure that they have the confidence to get to the location safely and on time, instead of being stuck banked on a grassy verge as the sat nav decided to take them through a farmer’s field! On the back of this, what is the access like at the venue, are there lifts, suitable ramps for wheelchair access?


3. Does the wedding venue cater for vegetarians, vegans and those with a severe allergy?

Picture it… So you’re all sat down after the ceremony beginning your starter when one of your relatives begins to retch, choke and a mass panic breaks out around that table… All because she ate a crusty bread roll that had the most minuscule of nut traces (that’s how sensitive some allergies can be). Please check ahead! Most wedding venues will outline every ingredient and sources of their dishes, they can almost certainly cater for any allergies or dislikes… Your guest will certainly appreciate the gesture and foresight!


4. Does the venue fit in with your master plan?

A wedding evening isn’t quite right without entertainment right? So be sure that the wedding venue is happy to accommodate for your circus act or daredevil stunts in fact, they could even say no entertainment at all, you’ll then have ruined that idea you’ve thought of for so long… Venues can often recommend an entertainment group so be sure to ask that too.


5. What time can we party till?

I must admit I didn’t think of this one prior to a visit a few wedding venues a few months back! Some venues are still classed in a residential area meaning that they have a curfew on alcohol trading and noise levels, don’t let your venue ruin Cousin Dave’s big dance moves that he’s been practicing all year round.


6. Can we taste the food before the day?

Not quite sure if the food is on par with your Michelin star expectations for the day? Most wedding venues offer a tasting session and menu plan, so that you can visualise and taste the food to be sure what you are getting is nothing but the best, also an opportunity to ask for a little bit more sides on the plate saves you still feeling like you’ve only ate a starter instead of a 3 course.


7. How long do I get the hire of the venue?

Wedding venues and venues in general, are busy places and often have weddings lined up before yours and many more after, it’s a slick operation so be sure to know what time you can arrive the evening before and the latest you can leave. So you were expecting to make it a full weekend thing, be sure to check as there may be a wedding booked days after. If not, you could negotiate an extra day.


8. What is your weather contingency plan for outdoor venues?

Rain + mud + people = messy wedding! You haven’t planned a Glastonbury themed wedding so you don’t intend to have one, be sure the venue has set plans for times when the heavens open and your marquee can’t handle all that rain!


9. On a more serious note…

A question you should not be afraid to ask… “do you have liability insurance?” No? Run! Joking aside, it’s really important to have insurance just in case something doesn’t quite go to plan days before or on the day. You can breathe easier knowing that the wedding is covered in the eventuality of something not quite working out.


10. So it’s your day but can you have it your way?

Be sure to ask if you can move furniture or decorate it how you like, at the end of the day you’re paying for the venue so you should be able to have the room as you please, most venues cater to most styles and demands you may have, what’s the worst they could say, no?


Be sure to do your homework, seek out reviews, try looking on sites such as trip finder and catch up with those who’ve experienced them at first hand. Once you’ve booked the venue then everything else will follow, don’t forget to book the photographer 😉


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