Couple on golf caddys at a golf course for their wedding reception

Steve & Emma | Wedding photography south wales

The wedding of Steve and Emma began at the Holy Trinity Church in Cwmbran with a beautiful service full of their family and friends, the couple were then transported by a beautiful horse and carriage to the reception venue which was held at the Green meadow Golf Club in Cwmbran – wedding photography South Wales

The couple certainly knew how to party, enjoy the day to the fullest and be completely chilled about the whole event which is very refreshing to see. The bridesmaids and groomsmen were more than prepared to get involved and orchestrate a great collection of group images which were fantastic and great fun to shoot, Steve and Emma were a brilliant couple to photograph not to mention they were more than happy to get involved with a small shoot that involved golf buggies with the bridesmaids deciding to run behind resulting in a fun and exciting image…


No wedding photography is complete without the addition of children, this wedding had invited 3 amazing helpers… I mean page boys who were very friendly and helped plenty of times identifying key family members made my job – wedding photography South Wales much easier! The miniature speech by one of the page boys was absolutely incredible, all written by himself I am rather sure that not one eye was dry, so emotional!


wedding photography South Wales

Green-Meadow-Golf-Club-Cwmbran-Holy-Trinity-church-venue-Cardiff-Wedding-Photographer-portfolio-bride-groom-ceremony-reception-by-Lewis-Fackrell-Photography3 Green-Meadow-Golf-Club-Cwmbran-Holy-Trinity-church-venue-Cardiff-Wedding-Photographer-portfolio-bride-groom-ceremony-reception-by-Lewis-Fackrell-Photography5 Green-Meadow-Golf-Club-Cwmbran-Holy-Trinity-church-venue-Cardiff-Wedding-Photographer-portfolio-bride-groom-ceremony-reception-by-Lewis-Fackrell-Photography4 Green-Meadow-Golf-Club-Cwmbran-Holy-Trinity-church-venue-Cardiff-Wedding-Photographer-portfolio-bride-groom-ceremony-reception-by-Lewis-Fackrell-Photography2 Green-Meadow-Golf-Club-Cwmbran-Holy-Trinity-church-venue-Cardiff-Wedding-Photographer-portfolio-bride-groom-ceremony-reception-by-Lewis-Fackrell-Photography1 Green-Meadow-Golf-Club-Cwmbran-Holy-Trinity-church-venue-Cardiff-Wedding-Photographer-portfolio-bride-groom-ceremony-reception-by-Lewis-Fackrell-Photography8 Green-Meadow-Golf-Club-Cwmbran-Holy-Trinity-church-venue-Cardiff-Wedding-Photographer-portfolio-bride-groom-ceremony-reception-by-Lewis-Fackrell-Photography7 Green-Meadow-Golf-Club-Cwmbran-Holy-Trinity-church-venue-Cardiff-Wedding-Photographer-portfolio-bride-groom-ceremony-reception-by-Lewis-Fackrell-Photography9 Green-Meadow-Golf-Club-Cwmbran-Holy-Trinity-church-venue-Cardiff-Wedding-Photographer-portfolio-bride-groom-ceremony-reception-by-Lewis-Fackrell-Photography10

One of the most fun i’ve had creating wedding photography South Wales. Such a beautiful funny and enjoyable  day… If you are looking to get married please get in touch, I would love to hear of your plans for your big day and begin planning your perfect wedding photography package |Lewis Fackrell Photography – wedding photography South Wales

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