Bridesmaid blowing bubbles at a wedding in south Wales

The 2016 photography bucket List

Wow! What a year, near to the end of summer 2014 after I’d photographed my first wedding, never had I thought that I would be as fortunate as I find myself now, with an established website, social media presence and a small photography following of fans and clients, I’m beginning to realise my dream of becoming a full time professional photographer!

From babies and children, through to couples and newly married couples I’ve photographed many, it’s been a busy year that’s for sure and next year is certainly going to be even bigger and busier a photography packed year… I honestly can’t wait! Along side my current amazing clients I’m looking forward to capturing the moments of even more happy people, working on a new exciting project and pushing my creative boundaries further…

As I am so excited to begin next year already, I have created a small bucket list of photographic to-do’s, so if any of you awesome and lovely people would like to help get through this list I would be so happy, please get in touch if you would like to get involved!

The bucket list 2016

  1. To photograph my first destination wedding abroad
  2. To gain a wedding award
  3. To be recognised in a national blog
  4. Photograph a same sex wedding!
  5. Launch my new photographic project
  6. Be part of a secret proposal (are you thinking of doing this, if so please let me know, I’d love to be there)
  7. Be part of an exclusive wedding in a forest or alternative venue in the countryside.
  8. Photograph more families, small, big, even extended families, families are so important to us, we need to treasure our time together much more!

Not to wish this year away already with the photography bucket list but here is a collection of just some of my favourite images that I have photographed this year from weddings, engagement shoots, landscape images and commercial work that I was fortunately commissioned to photograph… hope you enjoy!

First dance between the bride and groom at the Miskin Manor

Bride and groom walking through gardens of Miskin manor in Cardiff by wedding photographer Lewis Fackrell
Seats and ceremony prepared for the wedding at Miskin manor
The falls

Model Sophia Holmes on hay bale

The page boys at the church waiting for their mum, the bride to arrive

The father of the bride putting on the final touches before the wedding

Bride getting ready before her wedding ceremony


Model Sophia Holmes with hay bales

Two children in church at wedding ceremony by South Wales wedding photographer


So here’s to next year, what an amazing photography journey it’s going to be, I’m so happy and honoured to be part of so many peoples big day and to part of many more amazing moments in people’s lives!

If you are a couple getting married or that you’re wanting to document your life with a snapshot of your happiness and endless love for each other please get in touch, I’d be blessed to talk and have you share your affection for one another in front of the camera.

Are you getting married? or Looking for a portrait session?

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