Penarth pre-wedding photography | Rhiannon & Phil

Penarth pre-wedding photography session with couple cuddling on pier

Penarth pre-wedding photography | Rhiannon & Phil

Penarth Pier was the perfect place for Rhiannon & Phil’s Penarth pre-wedding photography. We met fairly early so that they had the place to themselves without many onlookers. It was fairly cold and lightly overcast, slight comparison to the sunrise picturesque background I’d envisioned. Non the less Phil held Rhiannon to keep her warm and we had a bit of a catch-up since we met last when they inquired several months prior.

Rhi expressed how nervous she was so we tucked ourselves under the pier out of the way to warm them up for more ‘PDA’. As we walked onto the pier there were several fishermen looking over, somewhat curious… I’d placed the couple between the benches and they looked great! A fisherman then shouted “Weheyyyyyy Kissy, Kissyyy”… It was very funny but we quickly headed back on to the beach away from any other hecklers and ‘watchers’.

They totally nailed their session and we had a great time of it, good catch up too! Looking forward to capturing their wedding photography at their wedding at Canada Lodge in the summer!


Here are their Penarth pre-wedding photography highlights

Be sure to keep an eye out for their wedding photography highlights very soon!

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