Leena & Simon | pre-wedding photo shoot | Cardiff, South Wales

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Leena & Simon | pre-wedding photo shoot | Cardiff, South Wales

This is one of my favourite pre-wedding photo shoots yet! Being keen on the coast Leena & Simon wasn’t quite sure where to host their shoot. Initially, a rapeseed field with a vast coastal backdrop at sunset was the perfect setting. Due to scheduling and weather difficulties we had to rethink, and so, we decided on a lighthouse. Epic! As a South Wales wedding photographer, having been to many incredible venues, I was super excited and I think the couple were too!

Having had to ask incredibly nicely to use this setting our invitation was accepted and we had use of a lighthouse for 20 minutes On a day in may, the weather dull, cold and windy. It was ideal therefore to escape and release total creativity within the fascinating workings and quirky mirrored rooms. Being very nervous, as all couples are initially they took it in their stride, I barely had to interupt to give directions. Their love for eachother was very clear. Laughing, gazing at one another and holding hands as if it were one of their first dates. This is what I photograph, true love, happiness and natural, pure moments!


Here is a selection of highlights from their pre-wedding photoshoot session.



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