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Fforest weddings photography West Wales | Tome’ & Joe


Fforest weddings photography West Wales | Tome’ & Joe

Fforest weddings have really created something pretty incredible. It’s a playground for a wedding photographer in West Wales, the sunset, the backdrops and vibe of the entire day was too much to take in. Feast your eyes on their highlights below.


It’s been a while since my last blog and so I thought I’d kick it off with photography at Fforest Weddings in West Wales! Squeezing 36 weddings in a 5 month period is intense, usually 36 is over a 10 month period. Now, I’m finally slowing down with photographing and editing and everything else. I can now share with you some of my favourite work from weddings in South Wales this year. I think it’s also important to recognise how epic of a challenge it’s been for everyone, planning a wedding, then re-planning and doing that again is tough and the Pandemic has really tested everyone. Thankfully, I’ve worked with the most amazing and thoughtful couples!


Tome’ & Joe got in touch back in March 2020, the day of the ‘lockdown announcement’. Thankfully, they decided to book me despite the doom and gloom that was happening all around. Certainly, the wedding at Fforest Farm was something to look forward to and keep positive about. Unfortunately, they did have to postpone but only by a few months into the Summer of the same year.


The Wedding at Fforest Farm


It was the hottest day I think I’ve ever worked. Guess who decided to wear boots and black jeans all day… me! But that didn’t phase me. Their day started at the house which was all very informal and relaxed with Janet Whitby & Co arranging the make-up and hair of the bridal party. The guys heading to the river for a dip to chill down after a night of celebrating the wedding weekend. The place is exclusive all weekend which allows everyone to feel relaxed and enjoy the atmosphere and insane sights of the surrounding hills. Ideal for a festival vibe for those looking to spread the celebrations over more than one day.


Reception and the celebrations


Their wedding celebration was under the newly constructed teepee. Two of the bridesmaids hosted the ceremony, and both mums also doing hand-fastings. I absolutely love to see unique ceremonies as they are so personal and very fun for everyone! The reception took place on the lawn in front of the famous Fforest pub and huts. The day really did take it’s own course with little pressure on timings, honestly it was so amazing to photograph as everyone just enjoyed themselves and used the occasion to catch-up with everyone after such a turbulent year. Both the bride and groom and many of their guests worked on the healthcare front-line and for them this was a total release from all of the challenges they faced.


The day moved onto the speeches up around the organic garden where most if not all of their food catered is provided by the allotment at the venue. How cool is that‽ Carrying on with the informal nature of the day, everyone huddled around and found a seat where they could. Listening to many inspiring and special memories and stories of the couple from parents and their wedding party. It was great to witness how much the couple are loved by their guests and felt honoured to document it all for them. Certainly a highlight of the year for me to be a part of that moment. As you can imagine, the party was insane, sooo much drinking and dancing wildly in the garden.


The Portraits and that sunset


I can’t finish without telling you about the portraits! I was told many times that the couple aren’t good in front of the camera but I wanted to prove otherwise. They trusted me and put total faith in what I do and if I do say so myself, knocked it out of the park for them! These moments were some of my favourites of the year. Because they trusted me and enjoyed the experience, I made sure I especially made them feel comfortable and relaxed. It’s what it’s all about and so they were able to look relaxed and enjoy the experience. We also sneaked off for 10 mins of chillout time during sunset away from guests and wow what a sunset! Lighting really does have an influence on the portraits, summer golden light is just the best!


Anyway, as ever, I rabble on when I blog. I get very passionate, especially when I can connect with a couple and create special moments for them. Before I am in danger of writing too much I want to share their highlights with you below.


Here’s their Fforest Weddings photography

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